Thursday, April 30, 2020

Laying Up Supplies and Windy Days

We have stocked up on some things like flour and pasta and yeast. Our intent, if necessary, is to sell at cost if folks express need via an online neighborhood network. And I, of course, enjoyed use of the vacuum sealer.
When shells starting cracking
I hit the 'seal' button to halt the vacuum.

Meanwhile, the winds around here remain crazy as always. Our sloped yard facing west is a huge factor, especially in spring and fall.

Have you ever hunkered down due to severe storm warnings? What extreme weather threats does your home region face?


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Birds Nesting, Earthworms, & Moles - Sorry, No Pictures...

I have been spending a fair amount of time gardening since the YMCA closed. And as the title suggests, there have been some interesting sightings.

What I first thought to be an American robins nest turned out to be that of house sparrows. Sad to say, they are an invasive species, often overtaking endangered Eastern bluebird nest boxes. I don’t have the heart to destroy the eggs, though, as a dear friend and bluebird enthusiast would recommend. So we’ll see this through and wish them the best.

On another note, earthworms are prolific in our yard. That’s a good thing, a major sign of healthy soil, but as my husband pointed out is also a lure for moles. They have seriously torn up our yard over the last two years. His prophetic statement led to a more startling discovery.

Wheeling our lawn mower onto the driveway yesterday, I saw a dozen or so earthworms writhing on the dry sun-washed concrete. The sight blew my mind. Then I spotted a mole scuttling through its fresh tunnel adjoining our driveway. The worms, apparently, fled (?!) the danger. Flipping them onto a spade using a plant tag, I dropped them onto a raised plot free of mammalian activity. Within a few minutes the creatures had burrowed to (I hope) safety.

Should I destroy those birds’ eggs, despite the fact our area isn’t suitable Eastern bluebird terrain? Is it so different from me sticking poison mole bait into the fresh tunnels? Some moral ethics are a real modern quandary, aren’t they?


Friday, April 24, 2020

Capitulating, Cracked, & Curious

My husband finally convinced me that wearing some kind of face covering isn’t silly or self centered and fosters community wellness. Of course, conceding to this new reality didn’t stop me putting a personal spin on it. I still felt a bit weird, of course, but with a somewhat bohemian style hiding shaggy hair and graying roots. ~grin~ My mother gave me this quality felt hat with attached scarf decades ago. When I have worn it, the scarf was usually not needed and tucked up into the crown.

I knotted the two ends behind my head
over the wider fabric attachment.

The next little tidbit brought me down a peg, thwarting my aim to be active and upbeat. While loading the dishwasher I cooked a strip of bacon in the microwave. This brand is super thick, so I set the timer for longer than usual. A crackling sound brought me over in a hurry. I turned off the microwave and proceeded to toast a bit of bread. When attempting to retrieve my plate, however, it came out in two pieces. It’s a blessing the remains didn’t fall and shatter, at least, but my mother-in-law helped me pick out this China set for my wedding gift registry about a year before her death.

I debated hiding the pieces, not out of embarrassment or anything but because this seemed another little jab from the universe that might sadden my husband. Fortunately he took the mishap well, stating we could always order more plates and mostly curious as to the cause. Don’t tell him I cried a little afterward. ~sigh~ I am trying (in fact, rather successful to the point these tears surprised me).

My aquarium remains a comforting distraction. Admiring minutia led to a little mystery. I have yet to find any aquarium images with this particular growth pattern. I’ll try another search and reduce the amount of time lighting the tank.

See the fine line of white horizontal
threads at center? They're growing
on a decoration (right) in a line
while bubbles flow behind...
This little development almost makes me think of fairies. ~wink~ That whimsical admiration won’t hold if it grows out of control, though, yet the arched shapes (at back) in this video are particularly interesting.

Can you imagine how a microwave safe plate managed to crack? What do you think about the growth in my aquarium?


Thursday, April 23, 2020

Long Overdue

I’ve been meaning to share some photographs for a while now. Last Sunday I decided to take a walk. But every place I contemplated looked full of people. Driving on instinct, I found myself in a suburb just north of my hometown. This deserted lot centered in a tech industry district caught my attention.

Define Isolation
I recognized the plot as serving employees of a cold war era nuclear research center. The Miamisburg Mound history is amazing, if you’re interested, with over fifty years of dedicated scientists contributing toward many areas of manufacture and testing including space exploration.

The facilities namesake, a burial mound
built by the Adena tribe, predating
arrival of the Miami peoples.
Again, if you’re interested, there are a slew of pictures better than mine. I like how I stood at the same level after an easier climb from the elevated lot.

My lone little vehicle parked below my
vantage from the previous picture...

Looking down the stairs pictured above.
And no, I didn't use this rickety flight.
Another several yards to the south
are in much better repair.
I hoped for a better picture from up there, but difficulty seeing the iPod screen and mild vertigo ruined it. ~grin~ But you get the idea. Anyway, there were other decaying signs of past productivity.

Break glass in case of a car fire, I guess?

Imagine driving to work and then taking
a shuttle, almost like a theme park...
The Old and the New...

I like how artistic the rust looks on
this neighboring rooftop...
More cave trolls, as spotted by the river.
Uh, oh. I left shortly after this sighting.
(You didn't think I could avoid a
flight of fancy. Did you?)
Can you believe the facility isolated all its waste water, including from employee restrooms, to test for radioactivity? And that tomato and eggplant seeds sprouted in those particular holding tanks? (ewww…) Would you have felt comfortable working in such conditions, like the neighbor (rest his soul) who told me the above story?


Wednesday, April 22, 2020

In a Pinch

Knowing how much music means to me (and my sanity), my husband gifts me most often with related items. Sometimes I make a specific request. This rechargeable bluetooth speaker was one of those.

The name Soundfreaq caught my
attention as it's reminiscent of
magician Criss Angel's
'Mind Freak'
Unlike the eBay item pictured above, mine doesn’t have the colorful front panel (not surprising, that cost extra). But the sound is great. Currently plugged in so I can listen to Duran Duran while typing, it can of course be charged up to take outside sans cord.

This is Mine, the mimicked wood
background an accident. Heh...
That back extension you see above is collapsible. Serving as a stabilizing base, the section must be pulled out or the unit powers off. Some folks called that a drawback in product reviews. I never minded until the other day, having made the mistake of tucking it, uncompressed, beneath my arm like a book.


Doesn’t my arm look like I got a weird hickey? Have you ever been ‘bitten’ by technology?