Thursday, December 29, 2022

An Honest Response & Humorous Retort

Regarding the recent weather, dearest Strayer asked how we keep our pipes from freezing and are able to start our car in extreme cold. As to the former, we replaced our vastly undersized heat pump after several miserable winter seasons; I don’t know how our pipes didn’t burst and recall that 1990’s era kerosene space heater let off an unforgettable stink. :P

Fast forward and we didn’t know for sure our diesel sedan would start for his 12/27 dental appointment despite us having an attached garage. However, we comfortably hunkered in ‘til then and our hybrid electric car started just fine last Tuesday morning.

On a foodie note, I lovingly blame Pam for making me crave party snacks. We already had tasty vegetables and dipping sauces. Then I found the following marked down item just this morning.

I do not want to admit how many nuts
& sweets comprised my so-called
dinner this evening...

Can you believe the store priced that party tray at $14.95 (US)? Did I not score big paying less than $5.00 for over a pound of treats?


Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Dumb Ways to Die

Reading about railway lines on Andrew’s blog reminded me of a decade old video. I’ve since found a documentary which I want to watch with my husband later. Meanwhile, here is the amazing public service announcement from the Australian Metro agency.

Just for fun, here is a railroad map
for Southwest Ohio...

Isn’t humor a great way to spread a message? Can you believe the number of rail lines in my US Midwest region?


Saturday, December 24, 2022

Double Socks and My Improvised Door Cover

My husband and I both grew up in Northeast Ohio’s ‘snow belt’, where Great Lake Erie’s waters effect Cleveland/Akron area weather patterns. Having moved southwest toward Dayton, we experience temperatures a few degrees warmer and oftentimes more ice than snow. Yesterday and today, however, the winter cold was/is bone chilling. Three degrees Fahrenheit beats the below zero other Midwesterner’s are enduring.

At least we’ll have a white Christmas…

I’m now wearing looser socks overtop my everyday athletic variety for extra insulation. And I decided to cover our front door’s beautiful beveled glass.
I used hangers with clips...

Another blanket covered our bedroom window all night. Polly pulled it down wanting attention to look outside this morning. ~rolls eyes~ I replaced it and, if I’m not in there, she’ll leave it be.

We’re very thankful there have been no area power outages. My heart goes out to those less fortunate.

Can you believe a neighbor used his snow blower on surrounding sidewalks? Knowing nothing about his dietary preferences, should I offer a reciprocal chore?