Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Saved Again, and Again

Dear fellow blogger Andrew’s post reminded me of recent ways my (apparent) guardian angels have protected me. A few months ago I tripped over something (?) in our home. If a simple, flimsy plastic cat tent hadn’t broken my fall I’d have bashed my skull against the brick hearth.

A week or so later I slipped off the top step down into our garage. Somehow I didn’t fall onto the concrete. It seems friction from my elbow dragging against the wall stopped me. While there are only three stairs, I perceived some broken bones (or worse) before my sudden miraculous halt.

Who knows why I keep tripping over my own feet? Of course please disregard that rhetorical question. ~grin~ But do you believe (as my drunken self experienced falling down a friend’s full flight of stairs; don’t judge, it was decades ago) that insobriety curbing the instinctual urge to brace ourselves helps prevent injury?


Sunday, May 26, 2024

Three's Company

Upon returning from the grocery store this afternoon I was pleased to see Terra about a foot away from Dandelion on our bed. Several minutes later, Polly had joined her sister for a mutual grooming session. This development made us very happy.

Before I got up, Dani had settled on my side. We have the sweetest cats. And I can say the same about the three who lived here before passing away.

I like having my smart phone handy...

I took the next image a while back. This little unicorn tent sits on the guest bed. If Terra had a bushy tail like Polly’s I might assume there is just one cat in there.

I once feared the tent too small for a cat;
Obviously, I was wrong...

Can you see the second pair of kitty ears in the tent? Isn’t it funny that I sort of ‘photo bombed’ both of my own images?

Monday, May 20, 2024

A Strange Day

Our cat Dandelion woke me early this morning jumping on the bed seeking attention. After telling my husband, on his computer at the time, I returned to bed.

Ornery Terra later woke me by knocking my phone off the nightstand. To my shock, it was past 11:15! No wonder she wanted me up.

Discombobulated, I thought I might still be asleep and dreaming when my husband then told me about a derecho sweeping through the central United States. Unfortunately for those living in this weather pattern’s path, it’s very real and I wish them all the best.

On a lighter note, I opened a box just delivered. I turned around moments later and found the aforementioned kitty Dandelion sitting there.

Is that expression adorable or what?

Isn’t nature's force often either wondrous or terrible? On a different topic, did you know that the wonderful character actor Dabney Coleman passed away?

There’s a fabulous homage on the blog Shadow of a Doubt. By the way, I do not think the bubbles forming in the rain were caused by any chemicals but rather ideal conditions. It probably would not have happened had the guy who replaced our driveway done a better job years ago.


Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Perfect Rainstorm

Anyone who knows me much at all is aware I’m fascinated with nature. Bees, birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, plants, and especially the forces of fire and water captivate me.

While we spent some time sheltering downstairs under threat of tornadoes days ago, a much gentler storm system followed. I gathered my patio chair (after checking that no toad hunkered beneath the seat pad) and sat inside my garage.

I’m used to wind making playful raindrop patterns. But I don’t recall ever seeing bubbles form, skate the water’s surface, pop, and be replaced. I guess the crappy concrete work served a purpose with these shallow pools.

Have you ever seen such a thing? Have you ever heard the song “Tiny Bubbles”?


Saturday, May 11, 2024

Big Wins Despite Double Jeopardy

Some months back my husband ordered a reserve bottle of our favorite sushi rice seasoning. Upon its arrival we discovered the cap broken and thus decided to retain the old bottle’s cap.

Well, after my husband used the rest he left the empty on the kitchen counter. Knowing its location, I retrieved the fresh bottle, switched caps, and proceeded to shelve the newer one.

To my horror, the sleeve of my shirt caught the bottle’s neck and sent it flying. I yelled, “Noooo!” watching the glass hurtle toward our hard tile floor.

I’m amazed to report that only the cap broke. I related the tale to D and he was happy as me. But that wasn’t all.

“Wait,” he said, “You’re about to hear something even funnier.”

As it turns out, he knocked the empty onto the floor earlier and, again, the glass did not break. Neither did the cap in his case. We will put the vinegar in fresh packaging and I’ll be careful to strain the product for any inner glass chips.

Do you think Japanese glass makers use a process that helps prevent shattering? Are you aware that some white vinegars sold these days are too low in acidity for safe canning?


Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Busy, Busy

I apologize for falling behind on blogging to the point of failing to publish comments. ~hangs head~ The reasons are good, though, as my husband has been staying up later so we can enjoy Youtube videos and even a movie. Before all that, I spend time daily with vegetable garden preparations and miscellaneous yard work. Planning to relax while my husband napped, I found this cutie...

Starting seeds has proven successful, too. We hope to see large crops of peppers, tomatoes, and (fingers crossed) those expensive dusky blue pumpkins I saw last fall.

And there’s more good news. My husband is doing so much better that we went to the gigantic international grocery store Jungle Jim’s. As long as we kept moving his remaining pain/tingling in his left thigh wasn’t a problem. In fact, I was ready to check out when he suggested it.

Yet it wasn’t due to my annoying little pains. They have pretty much vanished (!) which I think in part is due to his ability to help out more. Driving had been irritating my shoulder blade - not today, despite forty minutes behind the wheel.

I plan to get caught up reading others’ blogs within the next several days. Meanwhile, posting comments on my own remains a struggle. Oh, well. At least we still have the platform. I’d miss the virtual friends made over the years.

Can you think of a way we could stay in touch when blogging platforms are gone? Should we each set up a sort of newsletter and email them to one another?