Friday, December 30, 2016

Ready for 2017

It has been quite a year, full of personal trial and public tragedy with the endless stream of celebrity deaths. I will be so happy to see 2016 finally end.

The news of Debbie Reynolds passing the day after her daughter Carrie Fisher added further insult to another injury. I pray for their grieving family and friends.

Like so many others I have found myself looking up the biographies of those talented actors, actresses, and musicians we have lost. Yesterday was no exception.

This time I enjoyed a surprising upside. I found the movie clip of Ms. Reynolds singing "Tammy" in the 1957 film "Tammy and the Bachelor". While never having seen the romantic comedy I was happy to learn the tune's origin.

You see, my mother sang "Tammy" as a lullaby during my childhood. It's neat to know that the movie made such an impact on her that she sang it to her only daughter twenty years later.

I'll be sure to call my mom and share the memory. My thanks to nednickerson2010 for posting the video on Youtube:


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Gift of Love

Even though big holiday gift exchanges are a thing of the past, the season got me to thinking about some I have received over the years. Ruminating made me realize how much love has blessed my life. The presents wrapped in pretty paper pale by comparison.

One gift, however, stands out. This delicate artwork has survived three decades, numerous home fashion trends, and three moves. The piece has remained on display throughout them all.

And accompanied by a poem, it represents the lauded emotion in purest (if regrettably ill-fated) romantic form.

More fragile than the thinnest eggshell
Sometimes, as hard to hold as the wind
And more elusive than the unicorm
But they can come true
All mine did when I met you

Merry Christmas, everyone. May the New Year be one of joy and prosperity and, of course, love.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Good Day to be Indoors

I am so grateful to be safe and warm indoors today. I feel like a little girl again, snowed in on a cancelled school day. Here's hoping all local commuters are driving safely.

Meanwhile, I couldn't resist pulling out my camera.

Even the Weed at Left Looks Pretty Today
My Sculpture Regrets Not Migrating with the Real Buzzards