Monday, February 22, 2016


We recently had some vegetation removed from our southern property line. An unexpected result delighted us. No longer did our cellar's great room look like a jungle floor, most sunlight blocked by the canopy overhead (or in this case, outside the glass block window).

Now I could go down on sunny afternoons and not even need to hit a light switch. I basically basked in the golden glow.

Unfortunately, humans are not alone in being drawn to the sun. Milkweed bugs have been getting inside somehow and flocking toward this light. The worst part about this is that we store boxed food beneath that window.

So far the insects have not penetrated the sealed bins but it is nonetheless disconcerting to find bugs crawling all over them. I found myself using my hand vac to sweep the poor creatures up several times a day. Something needed to change.

My goal became dampening the daylight. Curtains would be the obvious choice if not for the fact a drop ceiling blocks the window's upper dimensions. How could I hang anything?

Today I had an epiphany. Why not do something creative? A dear friend once sent me an adult coloring book whose mandalas resemble stained glass surrounded by black tissue paper. I also stock a supply of removable poster hangers.

While the result would probably horrify a home decorator, I am quite pleased with the result. In addition, my last trip downstairs showed only two of the beetles (which may well have hidden during my last cleanup). Only time will prove the efficacy. In the meantime, what do you think of my artwork?