Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Tenacious Terra – 8

My kitty likes greens. Terra, unlike any other cat who’s lived here, seeks out leafy vegetables. It’s adorable, strange, and I’m grateful for disinfectant wipes since I hate forcing her off kitchen counters. We’ve taken to calling her ‘Chief Inspector’.

If you can view the following video, please let me know. I cannot get it to play, nor retrieve the footage.

Do you like vegetables? What sorts, raw or cooked, do you favor?


Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Single Serving Treat


This tiny fruit came off in my hand.
I almost tossed it, thinking
this cantaloupe was
not ripe; but

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Kitchen and Garden (Mis)Adventures

This growing season has been rather a bust. ‘Successfully’ starting old cucumber seeds took a mysterious turn. These fruits seem to be some weird hybrid with last year’s acorn squash. Yet science deems it impossible. I don’t even know if these will be edible or tasteless like 2021’s squash attempt.

Our planted boxes aren’t doing well, either, except for the Swiss chard. It’s a delicious and easily grown spinach substitute.

Meanwhile, we purchased ten pounds of pickling cucumbers. Cooking up six spicy dill jars this morning allows enough for another round – this time we’ll prepare spicy bread and butter pickles. These are the most popular overall. Another attempt at seeds elsewhere may provide a late season homegrown pickling crop. We shall see.

My other indoor endeavor involves making corn salad. Yes, corn salad. See this cookbook by multitalented artist Coolio. Also today I whipped up classic Midwestern green bean casserole. A shallot in the cupboard, I’m sad to say, sprouted. Since it’s likely no longer tasty my husband wants me to try growing it outside.
Our Recent Farmer's Market
'Hissing Potato'... lol

Have you ever gotten mouth sores from too much salty, crunchy, or acidic foods? Do you know this susceptibility is genetic, and that a properly ingested amino acid can counteract this particular herpes virus?-