Saturday, February 20, 2021

A Busy Morning Brings Relief

Since the day they moved in at the end of 2020 I've noticed the kittens suffering diarrhea. It has never slowed them down, as validated with the video I posted yesterday (lol) and a fecal float test at the veterinary clinic showed no evidence of parasites.

Yet the suggestion of stress never made sense as Jezebel can tell you Terra and Polly took over our home early on. That left us with the frustrating search for the right kitten food in the event of sensitivity. Then I heard Terra use the litter box last Wednesday the 17th and found a stinky liquid goo that beat them all. I immediately went online and requested an appointment.

Well, today I noticed what looked like a group of skinny, off-white sesame seeds. Alarm bells rang and an online search led me to suspect tapeworms. I collected them on a Post-It note, called the clinic, grabbed the requested stool sample, and off I went. And thank heaven, because the clinic employee saw no evidence of my online request despite the automatic confirmation I received.

Would you expect parasites when they
tussle and play like little maniacs?

I had to wait a while but didn't mind, appreciating the same day service. This time the veterinarian had no doubt and recommended medication. However, I couldn't verify they retained the same weight as at their prior check-up. So I drove back home, grabbed the kittens in a carrier, and returned. Funny enough, their weights were almost the exact same, though Polly lost a tiny amount. Oh, well. I have peace of mind and they each got an appropriate dose of praziquantel.

Do you experience glitches with online scheduling? This reminded me of the time we were sent to a collections agency for an electronic bill we never saw. And on that note, do you remember to regularly check your email spam folder?


Friday, February 19, 2021

Busy, Busy

Terra Cotta and Polly Esther Dactyl are keeping me on my toes. They are super well behaved but kittens will be kittens. ~grin~ We have to watch our step, too, whenever they get the zoomies.

I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted. Part of the problem is that I'm too picky about editing, so that makes carving out adequate time extra tricky.

On that note, I need to stop fussing with this text and just share a silly video. I meant to film it in real time. Oops...

Isn't the time lapse footage funny? Did you spot Jezebel in there?


Sunday, February 7, 2021

Blogger Question & Reactions to Comments

I have to ask a simple question regarding blog comments. Whenever you leave one, does a message pop up saying it will be published upon approval? I cannot find an additional setting for that and some folks have thought remarks got lost in cyberspace whenever I'm slow to react.

As for such comments, sweet Katie Isabella asked if Jezebel is mother to Terra and Polly. She is not, and I think she hopes they're not staying. ~grin~ We adopted her from friends who found this little stray in the winter of 2004 (!), so she's quite geriatric and cantankerous toward the still rambunctious wee ones. And it's a fun note that sweet Brian called them that just like my husband started doing.

Can you explain why my embedded links no longer show in a different color? ~sigh~ * In fact, don't you hate when software companies change things for no apparent reason? What can you do?

* Update: I finally fixed my link issue by trial and error. Whew!


Friday, February 5, 2021

Oops! I Missed the Mark...

Yesterday's post title originally mentioned comparing our kittens to human kids. In a rush to join my husband for dinner I managed to publish without making that silly point.

~shakes head~

At any rate, I've decided that Terra Cotta would be a child sent to either a performing arts or trade school. Her latest investigation involved pawing at valves beneath our sink. She also adores performing with near insane acrobatics.

Terra Trying on Her Walking Harness
Potential Therapy Cat?

For Polly Esther, meanwhile, I would prefer home schooling. With all her extra toes and more shy demeanor, I imagine she would be bullied otherwise. So, that was the random goofiness I forgot to include.

Polly Being Pretty; When She's Not
Tagging Along Behind Terra

Can you believe they are sisters? Do you think having different fathers is a factor?


Thursday, February 4, 2021

Another Reply on the Kitten Front, & Foremost, Updates on Our Human Family

I received a welcome call the other evening. And, because he knows I'm not fond of telephone conversations, my husband would be shocked by that description. ~grin~ But talking to my big brother qualified. He sounded great! My science geek spouse wished I'd asked technical science questions but it seemed fair to let Brian steer our conversation. I'm sure his health is a tiresome topic. We talked cars (a family-wide interest) and his effort to rescue orphaned kittens (!) found on his property. I so love that man. Mom and Dad B continue doing well, too, my friend reported.

Sweet Pam (Click her name to see her blog; I don't know what happened to highlighting) asked how I came up with our kittens' monikers. I can relate to struggling as it took us weeks to christen Jezebel. Luna had big yellow eyes like the moon and I heard that name mentioned on "The Martha Stewart Show" all those years ago (1999!). Tilly came with hers from the Humane Society. I like the works of actresses Jennifer and Meg Tilly, and calling out to our Silly Tilly Willy worked. She was a goofy girl ~grin~ But I digress.

I'm afraid to straighten this lamp shade.
Someone might attack it for attention.
Terra... Ahem... She's a pistol.

Upon learning these girls sported extra toes, the puns began flying. Sorry, Liz, we are bad that way. (Again, click her name to see her blog; I don't know what happened to highlighting) Thus, we soon decided on Terra Dactyl and Polly Dactyl. And Terra sure zooms around like those flying dinosaurs. My husband picked the spelling, by the way. I suppose Ptera would have been a bit much for the vets. Sometimes I add Cotta or Firma as a middle name. ~shakes head~ And Polly Esther, well, you get it... Esther was also a favorite aunt, sister to my mother-in-law, I'm happy to say. We call our cheerful girl Polly Anna on occasion, too.

Do you think cats recognize their names? Or, as I believe, do they respond more to vocal tone?


Tuesday, February 2, 2021


I don't like to post entries more than once per day but my niece forwarded news that her dad is back in hospital due to a fluid filled lung. Her text indicated her understandable frustration and anger. In Ashley's opinion, he was released too soon without a proper exit examination.

On the bright side, my husband learned that such lengthy anesthesia as Brian underwent can result in this condition. So it's likely neither a bacterial nor viral infection. :) And he is feeling better being back on oxygen.

Also, my friend's in-laws are doing well. Mom B had a procedure for erratic heartbeat that went well and Dad is getting a heart catheterization today. With luck, a pacemaker will put his health to rights.

Last but not least, the Dactyl sisters had their final booster shot against feline respiratory infections. Terra Cotta went from 4.2 pounds to 5.5 and little Polly Esther gained just under a pound, putting her at 4.1 now.

Did you know there is a condition called feline radial hypoplasia? Can you believe some morons considered breeding these so-called "squittens"?

Sweet Kanga Roo has grown into a
happy, active adult. Click on her
name to read and see more.


Happy News

My best friend from childhood informed me that her father-in-law is having a pacemaker installed which should solve his heart issues. I'm so glad. He feels anxious about the procedure but is eating and communicative.

And my brother Brian is out of hospital. He has moved into the family home with his ex-wife for a few weeks' follow-up care. She's a skilled registered nurse. So that's a comfort.

I won't tell them my husband and I hope against hope that they reconcile. And my fingers are crossed that things don't turn ugly.

Actress Kathy Bates is amazing in any role. I cannot list the many films her skill has embellished.

Would you want an ex-partner taking care of you post surgery? Have you read the book or seen the movie "Misery" by Stephen King?


Monday, February 1, 2021

Question & Answer Time

Inspired by other bloggers, I’d like to address some comments and questions. Thanks for the idea, folks.

Pam has asked the age of kittens Terra and Polly. The pair is just about five months old and are to receive a final CVR booster shot this very afternoon.

Tony mentioned that he didn’t know young cats lose their baby teeth. Well, I didn’t either. ~grin~ In fact, when Luna adopted me in 1999 I didn’t realize they shed their claws (!), let alone this tooth replacement.

Liz made the wise suggestion of purchasing a kitty teething toy. Funny enough, I purchased just such a product long ago and forgot. Found in a bagful of ‘like new’ toys, this cute wiggly worm hasn’t inspired chewing.

As packaged years ago...

Neither Luna nor Tilly, our feline angels, showed interest back in the day and the same can be said for geriatric Jezebel. Oh, well.

Did you know that some animal adoption agencies send several follow-up questionnaires? Can you believe some apartment dwellers lie about having told their landlord and, upon discovery, return the adoptee(s) rather than pay extra on rent?