Friday, February 1, 2013

A Writer's Dilemma

Deciding to get comfortable and write a little, I leave my laptop for what should be just a minute or so.  It’s a cold, wintry day, the house a bit chilly to save on heating costs.  So I go in search of my newest favorite garment for just such an occasion.  Only there’s a problem – my eldest cat has staked this same piece of clothing as a nice, cozy spot to curl upon.  Dumb me, I should have known better than to lay the jacket on the bed.

Oh, well.

I sit with her a few minutes, not knowing how I might possibly persuade her to move along, and end up watching my fish in the newly cleaned aquarium nearby.  It’s because of the fish tank maintenance that I shed the jacket in the first place.  Somehow animal husbandry never seems to end for this simple suburbanite.

Where was I?  Oh, yes, I planned to write.  Time to get up off the bed and quit watching clown loach antics.

Still without something to warm me, I decide to return to my office.  The nearby vent should suffice for now, except there is a problem here, too, as the second eldest of my three cats has settled comfortably on my chair.  It doesn’t seem fair to dump a sleepy kitty off her perch, no matter how gently.  Using a dining table chair at my desk, I drag another from the table into my office.

Problem solved.

Meanwhile, long minutes have passed and I’ve still not written a thing.  In addition, I don’t know where the youngest cat lurks.  Then again, she distracted me earlier by knocking a decorative piece to the floor.  Maybe she’s done with her part in this play.

I’m going to write, I decide grimly, so here it is.  It’s not exactly great prose.  And now I need to turn up the music to drown out feline snoring while I post to my blog.

How is your day going?