Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Near Miss & Navigational Miscommunication

On the way to our Jungle Jim’s International grocery store this morning I took a different route. The decided detour seemed easy enough; head westward until I reached Ohio State Route 4 southbound. I enjoyed the change of scenery and things went fine until my dear husband felt the need to pull up the navigation via his ‘smart’ phone.

As I reached the expected Rt. 4 bypass the voice told me to head north. That made no sense. But I followed this direction at his encouragement and the system promptly told me to head south. ~sigh~ With no room to take the turn I chose what seemed a safer route. Wrong.

We encountered a traffic light with left turn arrows for two lanes. Since there was no sign proclaiming a U-turn illegal my husband again urged this maneuver. To our dismay, traffic flowing eastward from our left also received the go ahead. I didn’t understand the danger until realizing this crazy intersection directed them not to a simple right hand turn but directly into our path in some weird high speed sort of roundabout. I stayed dedicated to my U-turn, didn’t slow down, and thus calmly avoided collision.

Don’t you wish for vehicular communication besides the horn, such as an apology signal? Is it wrong I (sort of) wanted to strangle my husband?


Saturday, January 15, 2022

An Eerie Revelation

Sorting through a box of things my father sent, I discovered a photo of my beloved maternal grandparents. A close inspection shocked me. Purchased off eBay probably fifteen years ago, my vintage eyeglass frames could have been the very ones Grandma wore during my childhood.

A Lovely Lady

I just wanted something different and thought this design looked interesting.

These came with trifocals.
She must have felt the same. I cannot tell if she wore bifocal lenses or trifocals.

Though you may not see it in her portrait,
the contrasting finishes look identical.

Isn’t that wild? Has this sort of thing happened to you?