Monday, August 13, 2018

Thrice Blessed

Actually, the count in my title is probably low. It also starts with a bit of bad luck.

Knowing both front and back lawns needed cut, I offered to do one if SO would mow the other. The choice relinquished to him, I got busy out front around eight or so this morning.

Just as I made the last few short passes to finish (blessing number one), a sharp pain struck the back of my head. I ran, pushing the shut off mower ahead of me, and flung off my glove to feel the spot below the back of my baseball cap.

Having worn a hat is the second blessing.

I don’t always where a head cover, and that might have protected me from further injury. When I turned around wondering if my shrub poked me, the culprit came into view. Well, its compatriots. It’s a true blessing I wasn’t stung multiple times, perhaps this being a less aggressive form of wasp or hornet. I’m not interested in a positive identification, not if lawn mowing is enough to trigger an attack, mere warning or not.
See the Nest at Center?
It would be easy to count on and on my good fortune, since the sting occurred in a less sensitive spot on my body, the colony didn’t attack as a murderous group, and I’m not suffering an allergic reaction. Racing a few feet away precluded pursuit, though I wasted no time coming inside. My glove, I think, got stuck in the mower blade as it came to a stop.

We plan on going out toward sunset with, sad to say, an eradicating pyrethrin spray. I despise killing these pollinators. But we have to stay safe. At least the entrance is pointed in a convenient direction.

Thank Heaven for Zoom Lenses!

Do you think I'll find my heavy duty glove in one piece?


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Rainbow Snippet for August 11th and 12th

It’s another weekend, time to share a bit of LGBT related story alongside several lovely authors at Rainbow Snippets on Facebook. Please check them out for more six sentence tidbits. Here, I am relating an early, early scene from my hoarded “BloodMoon” series.


Watching the extra swish to her hips I slapped my laminated menu down hard enough to make the Formica sing. Nickolas acted oblivious to my discomfiture. Shrugging back shining locks he leaned into the table, a relaxed grin on his face. I supposed fawning and jealous females were commonplace as oxygen to a burgeoning rockstar.

Once we were alone I focused on how to continue. How could I make small talk with someone like Nickolas Gravan, his perfection so far beyond angelic as to be godlike?


Though trust me, it waxes and wanes in dramatic fashion, do you think there is too much hero worship going on here?



Friday, August 10, 2018

A Case of the Stubborns

In case you are unaware, my title comes from an old “Tales from the Darkside” television episode. A young Christian Slater (!) and his mother are mourning the death of her father-in-law… except… there’s a problem. Grandpa is too stubborn to let go of life! Hilarity ensues, enhanced by a quirky reverend portrayed by the delightful Brent Spiner (famed as character Data from TV’s “Star Trek: Next Generation”).

Christian Slater Dressed for Grandpa's Funeral
The teleplay came to mind today because I’ve been dead set against carrying a smart phone. I just don’t need or want that kind of Internet and social media connectivity. When I attend writing events with local friends, it’s a joy to stay busy writing while watching others distracted by their email or some Facebook announcement.

However, some smart phone conveniences have become all but mandatory requirements. Take concert tickets, for example.

I saw a reminder upon Facebook, of all places, that tickets went on sale today for November’s Palaye Royale concert. Awesome! And my ticket cost less than $20, believe it or not. I expected a lot more add-on fees. But this ticket seller bombarded me with ‘free trials’ at the end of my order placement. Perhaps they make more money with business partnerships these days. Who knows? I declined them all.

The only problem is that I would have paid a good chunk extra for the delivery of said ticket. And what if it got lost in the mail? Ugh… As a result of my decision to save money, I’m left with a digital ticket.

It’s a good thing SO carries a smart phone. As arranged last March, we will trade devices for the evening. In an ironic twist, I did not need the phone to gain entrance last spring. I used a printout of the scanner code. But this time I can’t access that image, so wish me luck I don’t fumble too much using our smart phone come fall.

In retrospect, I’m amazed to recall a childhood in which my family not only shared one home phone number, but our entire neighborhood utilized the same line! In the case of an emergency, one neighbor might ask another to please end their call. Thank heaven, that changed by the time I came of dating age. Otherwise any eavesdropper might have gotten an embarrassing earful.

Cover Art for PR Album 'Boom Boom Room: Side B'
Did you ever hear of, let alone have a party line in your lifetime?


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Eyeglass Update

Yesterday I returned my old eyeglass frames for new replacement lenses. These are for computer use, complete with a coating meant to reduce eye stress from electronic devices. I don’t know how that will work, of course, but the ease with which I’m reading this laptop screen is astounding.

Re-purposed Safety Glasses from Prior Employment
(Removable Side Shields Discarded)
Wish me luck on the long distance/driving glasses with bifocals. Those lenses have not yet come into the optical center. Unsure how they will work out, I can tell you the lenses are so large in those big vintage frames that I don’t imagine any problem with dizziness wearing them. We shall see (no pun intended).

I should have gotten an eye exam long ago. Oh, well. At least this prescription should be good for many years. And now you can guess why I use such a large font for my blog.


Have you ever regretted procrastination, wondering why you waited so long to do something beneficial?


Saturday, August 4, 2018

Rainbow Snippet for August 4th and 5th

Here it is another weekend already. Once again I’m joining some very talented writers gathering on the Rainbow Snippets Facebook page. I hope you’ll pop over to check out other LGBT related works from all sorts of genres.

As usual, my tidbit is from the racy shapeshifting side of writing, from a WIP called “The Cat Who Ate the Canary”. While there is no intimacy in this scene, we find Jackson Bordeaux invited to a whole new level.

Are his new lover’s parties what he suspects? Is he ready to meet her shapeshifter playmates when he’s barely acquainted with his hyper-sexual inner tiger?


Jackson debated his next step with care, not sure what would be expected of him if he stayed. He decided to ask an unanswered question from earlier, the one which prompted her to act elusive and hang up without a proper reply.

“Why did you invite me to dinner when you had other plans?”

“I think you’re worth inconveniencing a few people.”

“I’m flattered.”

“You should be, as I think you would fit in well with the rest of my local… acquaintances.”


Would you stay to play or run screaming?


Friday, August 3, 2018

A Day Well Spent

I drove out of town shortly after ten o’clock this morning, heading east after the most brutal morning sunrays slanted higher. My drive took us around four hours to reach an old familial cemetery plot. As planned I took seashells to my mother’s gravesite in lieu of flowers or a United States flag, another consideration due to her lifelong patriotism.

As for the silk flowers in the photo, I’ve no idea who left them. I hope these seashore memorial offerings will hold up well. She and I gathered shells together on the North Carolina shore many years ago. Any that blow away will in the future, I hope, not just puzzle but make other visitors smile in curiosity.

Mom Loved Windmills
A nearby neighbor waved as we left. How Nice is That?


Thursday, August 2, 2018

Rash Decision

Our cucumber plants continue producing two or three pounds to harvest every day. This morning I almost put on my jacket due to the weather before changing my mind. There was no rain falling, after all.

At first this seemed a wise decision. I would have overheated wearing another layer in the breezeless humidity. However, as you can see below, I had to dive in deep to reach a few cucumbers and the spiny plants scratched me up to the point I’m postponing plans to clean aquariums. It seems wiser to wait a day than take chances with my health.

But I Retrieved Those Cukes!
Did you know tropical fish water can transmit disease through broken human skin?