Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Replies & Thanks

I greatly appreciate the blogging community. Providing laughter and support, sometimes tears of joy or even sorrow, your virtual friendships are a treasure.

Thank you, Strayer, for inspiring me to attempt fixing my aquarium pump. And Pam, you made me giggle over the image of your one year old grandson dropping toys in your fish tank. I never tire of both your creative and altruistic tales, ladies.

I must say that a twenty-nine gallon aquarium is considered small to serious hobbyists. Larger ones are actually easier to maintain. I know that seems counterintuitive but so many tropical creatures grow too large for me to keep. The greater freshwater volume is also more forgiving of quality. Oh, well. To live is to learn. Right?

I miss keeping these frogs, which didn't fare well.
This was from 2013
If you get back into the aquarist hobby, Katie Isabella’s mom, let me know if you do and your preliminary decisions. Learning from others is so helpful. ~hugs~ As for my tank filter’s restoration, dearest Sandee praised me as handy. ~rolls eyes while grinning~ I appreciate the giggle. Safe and happy sailing, my friend.

Sharing an appreciation of running water with lovely folks like Pradeep Nair, Liz A., plus the families at Cleo’s house, Brian’s Home, and

Cats-astrophic Events made me smile. It’s a good reminder during these divisive times just how many joys we humans have in common.

What made you smile today? And if nothing did, would it help to share your day’s disappointments?

Feel free to vent. And best wishes to all, my dears.


Monday, April 26, 2021

Rise & Shine

For the last few days I have not been on my computer long enough to finish a rather long and involved blog post. Something(s)... ahem... keep distracting me.

I never expected to laugh so much. My husband remarks on this a lot, too, happy to hear it.

The Dactyl sisters often get me out of bed before dawn. Today Tara rummaged inside my aquarium cabinet while Polly started playing with electrical cords Sunday morning. They know what motivates me. I'll have to tell you about Jezebel's latest antics later. In the meantime let me show you the beautiful morning sky.

Here Comes the Sun...

Did you know aquarium stands often have openings in back for equipment? Have you figured out that Tara is too smart for her own good? And that fish food has an expiration date? ~shakes head~ At least these antics are inspiring me to clear out some outdated things.