Thursday, August 31, 2023

The Truth About the Food Pyramid

Andrew from The High Rise wondered why I criticized the food pyramid following my frustrated comment condemning the matter. I appreciate his query. For anyone unaware, this issue deserves addressing.

Put simply, the above diagrammed dietary recommendations that I grew up with were designed for food shortages. Now that I have type II diabetes, I know a balanced diet should be low in carbohydrates.

A few years back my brother and his wife went on the paleo diet resembling what ancient hunter/gatherers ate and felt healthier for the difficult changes. Now the more stringent carnivore diet eliminates all plant based foods.

Giving up meat and becoming vegetarian or vegan isn’t happening. But I just devoured leftover pizza, and sure I have some regret, but no way are my husband or I throwing fruit and vegetables out the door.

Can you believe I failed tried a fasting diet in my teens? Do you think these current ideas are junk science, modern fads?

As a bonus for the curious, the following video is a clip from “Clone High”, a science fiction adult animated series. Wow. Say that three times fast. Anyway, here is an animated Marilyn Manson singing about the food pyramid.


Monday, August 28, 2023

Silly Kitty

I have to say that Terra is a bright, amusing and athletic cat. Her favorite toy shifted from rattly mice to squiggly worms attached via string onto a wand.

Unrelated as it seems, several days ago I purchased new slippers. This tie-dyed style amused me.

The mismatched pattern would have
driven my mother crazy...

Wearing them, I felt a tug on my right foot while Terra lay at my feet. Gently shaking her off, I soon discovered the same sensation on the left. My girl acted surprised as me. The situation I deducted is that she thought my feet were covered in her neon colored toys.

She neither hurt me nor my footwear...

Isn’t it rather adorable? Seeing the colorful squiggles, can you blame her for the confusion?


Friday, August 25, 2023

Birds of a Feather Stick Together

On my way out of town this morning I drove a twisting narrow lane and saw some beautiful chickens. I pulled over to take a photo and video. Drivers coming the other way must have thought me nuts.

Unfortunately, this image does not do them justice...

There is something my husband and I find soothing in chicken behavior. Roanoke Island, North Carolina here in the United States boasts a fabulous historic farm with heritage breed chickens. The birds run and hide whenever school children arrive but race to us expecting handouts.

Before spotting the chickens I saw a less pleasant sight. You might want to skip the rest of this if hulking black vultures would creep you out.





In retrospect, I guess they look
like black chickens... lol

Taking the following video gave me chills. I would not want these creatures at my garbage cans. Unlike their larger red-headed relatives, these normally solitary scavengers have been known to attack livestock and wildlife. Both black and (red-headed) turkey vultures are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, so any human caught interfering can expect a huge fine. I’ll warn pet owning neighbors, for sure.

Did you know that black vultures sometimes go after vinyl and rubber, damaging commercial and residential properties? Can you believe fines can reach $100,000 on individuals and twice that for organizations?


Thursday, August 24, 2023

Finding a New (to us) Very Old Restaurant

Image from the official website...

By chance, I discovered a nearby town’s historic hotel/restaurant. The atmosphere, friendly staff, and food were all terrific. My glass of New Holland Tangerine Space Machine beer went down smooth, too. Heh… The place opened sometime between 1814-1816.

I parked next to this awesome truck...

Can you imagine paying $2 (US) for a hotel room? Have you ever found an interesting place via a happy accident using a smart phone map application?


Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Strays – A Movie Review

When my friend Scars and I went to see “Evil Dead Rise” (which I enjoyed immensely) the cinema showed a trailer for a live action/animated film called “Strays”. I laughed and laughed, vowing to go see it. Scars wasn’t available to go this morning, but my husband agreed.

This is from a Today Show clip...

Well, I laughed myself stupid. But I was alone. My man almost fell asleep and an older couple actually left a short way into the film. I’d rather have waited for Scars or even gone alone.

This does prove my theory that I have a seventeen-year-old boy’s sensibilities residing in an aging woman’s brain. lol The raunchy humor, despite overly excessive swearing, suited my inner child.

Do you have a juvenile side? Have you ever attended a film screening solo?


Sunday, August 13, 2023

One Popular Plant

One late spring day I found a potted mint plant in Kroger’s produce department. Since I don’t have good luck with house plants, I planted it next to my mailbox. The brick border should keep this aggressive species from spreading; it’s worked so far. I enjoy leaves blended into my yogurt/fruit smoothies and, as you can see below, pollinators like its blooms.

Filming these calm insects was all fine and good until one of the big black critters landed on my arm. Unfortunately I’d stopped recording. Evidence of my reaction would have been hilarious, I’m sure. The wasp simply flew away, probably startled as me by my reaction. lol I don’t even know if those wasps have a stinger.

Are you or a friend/loved one allergic to insect venom? Did you know that disturbed fire ants here in the US state of Florida can inflict life threatening anaphylaxis?


Saturday, August 12, 2023


My husband and I are extremely fortunate to have lots of ethnic restaurants and grocery stores around. A few days ago we went to two grocers looking for a particular Chinese cooking wine called shao xing. As is obvious, the first didn’t carry it.

I figured as much as the sign mentioned Halal foods and Islamic law forbids imbibing any alcohol. But they did offer phyllo dough among their Mediterranean selection. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making the delectable Greek desert baklava and their premade ones cost more than I wished to spend.

Not exactly the traditional diamond shape...

The recipe I found was simple and included detailed instruction. Food processing a pound of walnuts with cinnamon easy, the dough proved a challenge. I didn’t panic when the delicate sheets tore since nobody would know the difference once it baked. Nor did the phyllo dry out, my biggest concern. Layers drenched in butter before making and vanilla infused honey/sugar water after, it’s not the healthiest.

The good news? A few sweet and savory bites satisfy just fine and it can be stored at room temperature in a sealed container for up to two weeks. Granted, I’d rather have a crab sandwich by the Pacific shore with Sandy from the blog Comedy Plus but beggars can’t be choosers. ~sigh~ Next time (and there will be one) I might skip the sugar and stick with honey for the sauce.

Have you ever eaten Greek cuisine? Should I try the pumpkin baklava recipe I found?


Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Taking a Walk

Park signage in the neighboring town claims several were established in or around 1846! About ten years ago the city began expanding and/or interconnecting these plots. Yesterday I explored a meadow with mown walkways off a recent paved path addition. However tame, the space provided me a little suburban paradise.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023


I apologize for the confusion over my “Ditto” post, which could have been avoided had I highlighted what caught my attention. It’s the dates on these otherwise identical calendar pages.

I imagine Blue has long grown from kittenhood and
can only hope both kitties are still thriving...
If I saved every page-a-day cat calendar photo my house would be adrift in them. lol I couldn’t toss this one back in April of 2017, their coat colors’ contrast so stunning. Its 2023 duplication surprised me.

Do you think their person resubmitted the image? And are paper calendars still used in your home?

Monday, August 7, 2023

My Garden

Seeing Strayer’s awesome flower photos inspired me to share some. These were taken over several days.
Rattlesnake sculpture 'guarding' my zinnias...

I forget the name of this perennial,
which is funny since I bragged
about my plant naming
ability to Liz

A 'volunteer' tomato from last year's planting...

The former is appreciated since some critter raided my crop...
My Thai basil is blooming...

Monarch butterflies are back!

Hummingbirds riding my wind spinner cracks me up.

Why do garden raiders always leave behind half-eaten fruit? On a technical annoyance, can anyone tell me why nothing I try keeps my caption fonts consistent?


Saturday, August 5, 2023

My Latest Stupidity & Marital Lie by Omission

Yesterday I got the idea to put Dandelion in Terra’s unused kitty harness and go walking. All went well until we rounded a curve where I’d seen neighbors interacting with her before she moved in. I’d actually thought those folks might enjoy seeing her should any be outside.

Dani had other plans. She slipped out of that harness and headed for the wooded creek-bed. I panicked. My husband and I agree joke (?) that the single divorceable offence is losing a pet cat.

I heard her meowing and spotted glimpses of her white figure in the shade. It’s almost as if she wanted me to follow. There was no way. The steep incline full of rocks and wire fencing would have been my downfall.

So I raced home fast as possible and returned in like manner bearing a box of treats. No luck. She seemed determined to explore her old stalking grounds.

I took off again for home, this time grabbing a can of her favorite stinky food and driving back with her carrier in the front seat. She went for the opened food. I scooped her up and held on tight transporting her.

Returning for the food so as not to attract unwanted critters to my neighborly friend’s backyard, I knelt down for a brief prayer. Corny as that may be, and whatever your beliefs in a creator, it felt right because I was soooo grateful. We won’t be going on such an adventure again.

My husband thinks I was just outside on my own. I’m so glad he neither noticed why I returned sweaty and breathless nor the items fetched between my forays.

Since Terra also escaped one time despite what I considered a proper fit, why didn’t I learn from that mistake? And though my husband would surely forgive me, am I right in not sharing this little adventure?


Thursday, August 3, 2023

One Comfy Kitty

Bought for Tilly, a small pet heating pad arrived the very day after she passed away in 2019. ~sigh~ At least our aging Jezebel enjoyed the extra warmth until her April demise. Hearty heavy, I unplugged the unit since Terra and Polly weren’t interested.

Ah, this is the life...

As you have no doubt guessed, Dandelion now appreciates the warmth. I’m glad for her. On a silly note, my husband assumed her male because she’s so long legged.

Can you tell she has extra long toes? Do you think she looks seven or eight years old as the neighbors claim?


Tuesday, August 1, 2023

A Fowl Day?

I saw what I guess to be Canada goose feathers drifting outside a home improvement store today. No other shoppers seemed to notice.
This drift, trapped along the curb...

I hope no bird got hit by a car. There was no sign of an injured animal.

Is this something that would draw your attention? Do you think the store workers perhaps cleaned out an abandoned nest?