Thursday, September 30, 2021

Polly's Follies - 2

I’m not sure that numbering the posts relating to our feline masters’ antics are worthwhile. But I’ll see how it goes. Many of dear Polly’s escapades aren’t photogenic. In fact she often acts behind the scenes, if you will.

Here Terra oversees Pollys inspection.
Who needs a plumber?

Her skill set is less athletic but more technologically oriented than that of her sister. Her strategic step upon our ceiling fan remote control taught us that the light has a dimmer switch. Polly also managed to turn off my portable speaker. One can only guess she didn’t care for my music selection.

Taste tested, Polly Approved...


Should Polly be enrolled in a trade school? After all, wouldn’t it be nice if our furry friends could contribute to household finances?

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Jezebel – Just Being Me

Jezebel here. I understand that some cats get an online voice. I’ve been around a while and think speaking out is my prerogative. Call me too tolerant but first off I’ll admit that those feline interlopers, Terra and Polly, are mostly okay.

My humans say I’m doing great with them here. Whatever that means, I discovered the joy of treats. Those brats shouldn’t get all the goodies. ‘Nuff said about them.

Is there anything better than naps? Do any of you kitties out there have your own heating pad (its corner is poking out above my paws in the above photo)?


Monday, September 27, 2021

Diet Sprite

I feel so fortunate that we live in a comfortable home among nice neighbors. For whatever reason, however, this ranch style abode with a walkout basement has flooded more times than I can count.

Two separate water heaters failed, both dumping their entire contents. Another time the cellar toilet broke. I even failed to unhook the garden hose our first winter here. At least that waterfall could be turned off.

Some of the less destructive incidents, not all confined to downstairs, are mindboggling. One drinking water tote sprung a leak after being mysteriously crushed (?) and a jug of distilled water long stored beneath the hall bathroom sink dripped out through a sudden (?!) pinhole. We even have reverse issues like the seldom used bathtub faucet that stopped flowing.

We named the culprit a water sprite and know it could be worse. Referencing my title, no events left a sticky mess.

There are scars. Half the cellar carpeted, ragged edges resulted from being pulled up several times. A crack in the brick chimney foundation (!?!), at last detected and repaired, left lingering mildew concerns. And we weren’t the first to suffer, it would seem.

I wish my laptop skin dragon could come to the rescue...
Can you believe someone left a roll of Christmas wrapping paper beneath the stairs to camouflage some water stained drywall? How did the home inspector miss that? And who carpets a basement anyway?


Sunday, September 26, 2021

Are You Still Here?

The lovely Strayer amused me by pronouncing that her more feral charges prefer she leave the house daily. That reminded me of my last office job. Most truck drivers and many coworkers wanted to stop and chat, perhaps not understanding my need to concentrate. Many workdays left me mentally exhausted. I’d return home craving solo exercise time and fiction writing.

Meanwhile my husband worked from home. Upon my return he’d talk nonstop wanting to share this or that. It got to the point I sometimes stayed late writing on a company computer, personal documents then saved via thumb drive. Third shift employees found me amusing. So did my understanding husband once I confessed. Heh…

Not us, thank heaven...

Do you have similar stories or childhood recollections of this domestic conundrum?


Saturday, September 25, 2021

Currying Favor

Since acquiring my driver’s license I never minded being behind the wheel. But after a third day driving my husband (and myself for various endeavors), I demanded diverting through Dayton Ohio’s historic Oregon District. Among various establishments, Thai 9 serves fantastic spicy hot tofu massaman curry. I’m about to heat the last third of my leftover lunch portion now. Yum. And the chicken satay with peanut and cucumber sauces is equally perfect.


On the subject of peanuts, are you allergic? And if not, do you like peanut butter? Do you prefer crunchy or smooth?


Monday, September 20, 2021


My husband discovered a new Mexican restaurant. Once there, I talked him into outdoor dining.

What a mistake.

You see, for the first time in decades I ordered a sugary cocktail. Yes, my peach daquiri tasted good and fruity. Unfortunately, local bees wanted a taste. Too bad I didn't think to take a photo of my glass covered with napkins, a hole punched through for my straw. And I'm not a fan of whipped toppings, so I dumped a few spoonfuls on the ground a few feet away, which also helped to a degree.

Are you a fan of sweet cocktails and/or nonalcoholic drinks? Do you like whipped cream?


Saturday, September 11, 2021

Tenacious Terra Episode 1

Terra Cotta Dactyl has tried my patience more than once. This feline athlete goes to great lengths for attention. Try watching television and you might find yourself looking at something like this in her wake…

A ghost reaching out from beyond?
Or something more sinister?

Exasperated one day, I threw a lint ball at her. Silly Terra carried the thing around like a trophy. Finding it across the house next to their water bowl, I stooped to take a photo.

The ball consisted mainly of cat fur
collected off my comforter.
Fitting, no?

Another toy rescued from drowning -
classic brat cat behavior.

Having knocked this little cabinet over
she promptly lay atop it before
boredom sent her seeking
trouble elsewhere...

Can you believe nobody has gotten hurt yet? Anyone want to take bets on how long before her ornery self breaks my fish tank lid and lands in the water?


Sunday, September 5, 2021

Long Overdue – An August Adventure

I’ve known of Hills & Dales Metropark for many years. The off-putting name always sounded like a department store. Me, a linguistics fan, should have known better.

Its many literal hills and dales, a pond, trickling creek, various trails, bridges, wildlife, picnic shelters, and local history riveted me for an hour plus. Cheeky critters adapting as visitors abounded made for another fun (if bittersweet) find. Here a few views and if you’re interested you can learn more.

A Later Find; I Pulled Over to Photograph...

Cat tails!

My only issue was the sound of landscaping equipment that permeated the summer air. But nearby houses are some real beauties. I wish I’d gotten more photos of them but didn’t want to risk pulling over on those narrow twisting streets. Oh, and mosquitoes. They swarmed me on the shadowed trail once I began perspiring.

Can you believe something so mundane as breakfast led me to this treasure? On that note, have any of you Midwest US (Ohio and Michigan) residents ever visited a Barry Bagels location? What do you think of their seasonal offerings?