Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Blast from the Past - Our Silly Tilly Willy

Life was good...

...even after a summer shave;

& snuggles with Jezebel rocked.
She literally ran to jump on my husband’s lap the evening before she passed away in the night. I have so many photos of her general goofiness. I should organize them. We miss you, Tilly!


Friday, January 20, 2023

Creativity in the Kitchen

I’ve been tired of printed paper (recipes and grocery lists) becoming stained and soggy. Misplaced pens annoy me, too, another first world problem. So I turned hefty packaging into what I call a kitty caddy. :D Hot glue dots holding it all together also makes for nice nonstick footing while protecting the base.

I sealed this note caddy much earlier...

My propensity for messy spills is legendary. ~rolls eyes~ Finally, though, I am taking these unfortunate opportunities to better clean.

My photography needs work.
That black cat at bottom
holds the paper clip
Have you ever used layered packing tape for waterproofing? Do you own a hot glue gun?


Wednesday, January 11, 2023


I’ve been busy acting as what I like to call a ‘suburban homesteader’. On a fixed income, seeing prices skyrocket across the board, my husband and I are determined to thrive. Increasingly over the past two years I tried to learn something new such as a recipe or household technique. My latest, most stringent efforts have gone toward a cleaner and tidier home. ~rolls eyes~ He does the research, buys me cool and useful items, even lending a hand when needed. Yesterday he stirred a simmering South Korean style sauce while I cut and sautéed vegetables, fried eggs, and prepared noodles.
My New Favorite Cookbook
My rice paper skills are improving, as have my homemade bagels. Now I’m attempting to root a Thai basil stem. It elevates my spring rolls to a taste level beyond what mint leaves provide. The windowsill might be too cold but why not try?
Veggy, Rice Noodle, & Peanut Sauce
Spring Rolls - Yum
Last Night I Made Bagels...

... for Our Homemade Lox

Still Looking Good for Now, Perhaps
Using an Old Cat Treat Cannister
Added Some Protection (?)

We also have enjoyed outings here and there. Between Christmas and New Year’s we visited a local brewery based on 18th century technology. The food was not really worth the cost but our two different beers tasted amazing. I’m just a little disappointed their decorations weren’t better, even if understatement fit the period. I expected a big elaborate Christmas tree with all the available space. Oh, well.
A Banquet Room, I Think - Lots of
seating below my angle from
the 2nd floor mezzanine
Our Modern Day Brewers Use Gravity
I Liked this Old Timey Touch...

Before the big freeze hit I took a drive, then a walk. Some folks have the cutest inflatable decorations. I delighted one homeowner by asking to take a photo and discovered an old Boy Scout park called Camp Hook. A rare owl sighting delighted me no end.
Look at this Spaceship and Hot Cocoa
Complete with Marshmallows
‘Whooo Goes There?’
Sorry about the Contrast

Complete with Fishing Dock,
Lake George is tiny,
 more like a pond.
Have you ever seen an owl in its natural setting? Have you ever been member of a youth scout troop?