Saturday, June 25, 2022

Gardening Fun

Sprouting years old cucumber seeds in a damp paper towel, I’m super thrilled seeing the plants thrive. Fans of our pickles are excited. Check out the size of these leaves and blooms.


It's a jungle under here!

For the first time, I’m growing cantaloupes after a fellow garden center shopper shared his enthusiasm. These two plants are also covered with blooms. Watching two little fruits grow bigger every day makes me smile.

Look at this cutie...

Can you see the melon in this image?
I lifted the former off our retaining wall.

Do you enjoy cantaloupe? Is it wrong I keep fondling my melons?


Sunday, June 12, 2022

A Garden Variety Bug

Well, my jumping spider escaped somehow. I’m okay with that. I continue seeing a variety of such species inside and out. At bottom you can watch an adorable video of Rose the jumping spider. Thank you so much, Strayer, for sharing the Instagram link.

Meanwhile, I started feeling a bit crappy the other day. My husband suggested I test for the Wuhan flu. The results were negative so we went to the Farmers’ Market yesterday as planned. Luckily, I enjoyed myself with no sneezing fits or dripping nose. My throat is not sore, nor do I have a headache. I even slept well last night. I call that a quadruple win!

Sitting around the house, I just keep tissues handy and sometimes stuffed in my nostrils. It’s not a good look but my husband understands. The most uncomfortable state occurs with the occasional blocked ears or throbbing sinuses. I’ll take that over throat pain any day.

Have you ever contracted mononucleosis? Did you know it’s sometimes called the kissing disease and the culprit is usually the Epstein-Barr virus?


Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Surprise! I Named her Octavia - a Jumping Spider Update

Yesterday I put a Christmas cactus root into the little ‘greenhouse’ I’ve had for decades. Later, what appeared to be the same tiny spider I rescued showed up in an empty cat food bowl. It seemed like destiny.

My husband insists I put the spider (he or she) outdoors while also saying my aquarium needs more fish. So…

What’s the difference? Do you have an opinion on how I should treat this prolific native?

By the way, I keep the door to the vivarium open much of the time and ‘Octavia’ seems disinclined to leave. Below is my photo of her (?) as discovered in the kibble bowl if you’re interested.








Monday, June 6, 2022

An Unexpected Rescue

Walking across the carpet yesterday afternoon, I spotted a tiny jumping spider. Local species are harmless to humans, useful predators, and don’t normally hunker down. Without a second thought I scooped up this tiny cutie.

Hours later it displayed zero movement until tumbling onto its back. On instinct I moved the sluggish arachnid into an enclosure. Prepared the very night before (!), this minor project deserves explanation.

I had just watched a video about keeping jumping spiders as pets. This also taught me a huge peril – dehydration. Gentle coaxing lured what I surmised a female onto dampened coconut fibers. The rejuvenated animal sat on my finger before walking around a bit. Half tempted to keep her, I busied myself with further preparations.

Lo and behold, the spider left. But that’s okay. I’m not prepared and think they’re best enjoyed living wild. Various species have been prolific so far this season. Also, they’re not long lived. Watching pets die isn’t fun, regardless of size and/or nature.

Can you believe some hobbyists breed and sell jumping spiders? And what are the odds I rescued a toad from the driveway one day and a spider so soon thereafter?


Friday, June 3, 2022

Ups & Downs with a Water Sprite

I like to joke about our evil water sprite. But it wasn’t funny when my husband announced that we received a city water bill for just over seven thousand, five hundred dollars.

Yes. The estimated bill came to $7,500 (US) plus. I almost choked. Thank heaven, an understanding city worker discovered that a newly installed electronic meter reset to zero and somehow compounded our reading. We owe under $100. Whew. We were grateful for the quick resolution and our advocate’s joking attitude lightening the stress.

This ‘sprite’ can bring good things, too. Heavy rain brought a visitor seeking shelter.

I like how the toad first rested in the pot I placed...

... and settled between my frog statues

Who's a Pretty Toad?


Thursday, June 2, 2022

Apologies and an Artsy Mystery

I did not intend to fall so far behind reading blogging friends’ posts. ~shakes head~ Not sure I’ll ever catch up on all the backlog but will try and do better. I have missed you dear folks.

Meanwhile I’ve been enjoying my flower and vegetable gardens a lot, even on the hottest days. A beach umbrella helps if I can keep it from blowing away. ;P In fact, it’s cloudy right now and I want to walk about and see how things are growing.

So I’ll leave you with an image just discovered on my iPod. I think my obvious mistake actually looks pretty cool. Oh, and the kitties are doing great. :D

This evokes the sea somehow.

Any guess what this is? Or how I captured such an aquatic shade of blue?