Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Wait… What?

From the very start of this pandemic my husband urged me to get all the Covid 19 vaccinations alongside him. Despite various reservations and my stubborn nature, I haven’t argued.

So, this past Tuesday we each received another booster shot. We do both suffer other age related health issues (plus he’s eight years older and I’d kind of like to keep him around).

Later he stated that he hoped all these vaccines weren’t harming our bodies. ~blink~ Aside from not choking, I can’t recall my exact reply.

As a side note, don’t our ailing old bodies deserve a gentler label than ‘comorbidity’? After all, have you noticed that toilet paper is now termed ‘bathroom tissue’ and townhouses have become townhomes? Should I now go change the cats’ less offensive termed glitter box?


Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Chewy to the Rescue

Today I found an email from online pet supply store Chewy announcing my auto-shipped cat food order was temporarily out of stock. After a few minutes perusing their website I made an alternative selection.

A very few more minutes passed after I replied to their email with my decision and customer service replied that it already shipped! My husband will be relieved as I am. Jezebel just loves the Purina Pro Plan Arctic Char canned food. She, Terra, and Polly will have to settle for a variety pack with half of the cans duck flavored.

Our kitties only got the Arctic char after a temporary shortage of the duck flavored entrée, so should I mix the two varieties? Can you believe the char puree smells good enough for me to eat?


Sunday, October 23, 2022

A Head Shaking Moment

In 1994 we moved into this house. From day one I never liked its window treatments.

I bought or in some cases sewed replacement curtains long ago. We had the kitchen renovated in 2011 and yet I still allowed that hated overlong cord on the kitchen blinds to remain. Its length got steadily yuckier through the years despite my efforts to keep the thing out of the way.

That resolution alone should have been easy enough. But wait… the cord’s too long? Ummm… ~smacks head~ Cutting away dirty string and reattaching the scrubbed pull handle solved everything. It looks so much better.


Do you think the smallest ‘first world’ annoyances linger because they intrude so little in our daily lives? Should I replace that old fashioned pull handle with something more modern and interesting?


Thursday, October 6, 2022

One Great Find & Two Replies

Your replies are both correct, Liz A. and Andrew. Terra was high on catnip and there are a plethora of pet food related puzzles. I bought one years ago, in fact, hoping to slow down our dear departed kitty Tilly.

The Stimulo Feeder

My husband won’t use it. He fears the narrow food cups will cause whisker fatigue even though they’re supposed to dig food out with their paws. We also had a ball that dispensed treats when rolled. One half disappeared years ago. Current choices available are rather overwhelming. Terra and I both enjoy afternoon treat time. I’ll have to show video of her running.

Meanwhile, I went looking for garden center clearance items and scored a few perennials for 50% off (!) and a white mum for a mere five dollars (US). I added the bat and dried stems.

Sorry about my shadow...

Have you ever heard of whisker fatigue? Do you think garden centers no longer label mums as perennial but rather annual plants to sell more each autumn? Or am I just too cynical?


Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Tenacious Terra – 9

Terra is so clever that I am always looking to create fun little puzzles. Putting catnip in this box provided no real challenge but she was still fun to watch.

And I just had to grab my camera upon finding this sight. I’m glad she sat on empty my laptop bag.

She stayed still and posed for me!
Doesn’t this kitty look comfortable? Do you think the nylon bag made her feel cool on that sunny summer day?


Sunday, October 2, 2022

Two Pot Post

It’s another beautiful day, so I’m sitting outdoors as I type and found this beautiful katydid when I stepped inside our garage. My video skills are lacking but I hope you enjoy this more than the creature not wishing to pose.

 As for pots, one involves an ‘inspirational’ message I drew on our bathroom mirror. It’s a not so subtle reminder to not linger in the bathroom or lounge in the bedroom, regardless of kitties present, and get on with a more constructive day. My husband was amused.

I’m sure you can guess the word above…

The second pertains to food. I’m a huge fan of Korean style food, dol sot bibimbop being a favorite dish. Since our favorite restaurant closed and no other establishment I’ve found prepares the dish as well, I discovered that it can be made at home. I thank my husband for buying some Korean ingredients online. Gochujang is a sweet/savory/spicy fermented soybean/chili paste.

Sorry this is blurry.
The mung bean sprouts and
other savory/meaty/vegetable elements
were awesome, especially for my first try!


Do you like bean sprouts? If so, do you enjoy them on salads?