Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Black Cat Appreciation Day

I learned the significance of this date thanks to Eastside Cats. For those who don’t know, on August 7th the family lost beloved kitty Paddy O’Malley far too soon. I know their hearts still ache, so bless your humans, sweet PO’M, for resuming the heartwarming blog so soon.

Now that two “holes in space” own us now, heart to hearth, here is another portrait of the pair. The Dactyl sisters and their extra toes certainly keep me on mine.

Want toy meow!

Jezebel is doubtless not impressed. Don’t tell her, though, but we’re sure she has benefited from the activity. A long ongoing and increasingly frequent leg tremor is now all but nonexistent. It’s as if losing her complacency has somehow rewired Jezebel’s brain.


Shouldn’t every day of the calendar year celebrate a certain wild creature or family pet? Don’t you think animals offer more to celebrate than things like ice cream and hoagies?


Friday, August 13, 2021

Lucky Me - A Friday the Thirteenth Edition

I don’t consider myself a true superstitious person. And the luckiest, most joyful find in the last four years have been these beautiful brats er… angels er… doll babies.

These blacks cat can cross my path anytime. Just look at them!

Too bad they don't love one another, eh?

Are you familiar with tossing spilled salt over your left should to ward off the devil? Or that saying 'bless you' when someone sneezes is meant to do the same? Does your family lore have superstitions?