Friday, March 15, 2013

A Free Read

It's amazing to me how simple internet research can lead one to such unexpected finds.  This phenomenon is my favorite part of the world wide web, much more so than all the abundant social media.

Today, I found a formerly unknown tale by author Conrad Aiken because I looked up the biography of late actor David Carradine from a cult favorite of mine, "Sundown: Vampires in Retreat".  Mr. Carradine starred in 1971's "The Secret Farmhouse" on Rod Serling's anthology series "Night Gallery".  That evening's double episode included an adaptation of Mr. Aiken's story "Silent Snow, Secret Snow".

Whew...  Convoluted enough for you?

Anyway, I thank "The Virginia Quarterly Review" for providing the following free read.  I hope you take a few minutes and enjoy this chilling gem.

Silent Snow, Secret Snow