Monday, February 27, 2023

Lesson(s) Learned

My husband and I continue listening to a podcast called “Stuff You Should Know” while out and about. The other day we heard a shocking tail about Newport, Kentucky. Across the state line from Cincinnati this virtual suburb boasted a small population in the 1930’s. For whatever reason, illegal casinos popped up and, of course, mobsters moved in.

Long story short, a young Frank Sinatra entertained along with many others until Las Vegas became the go-to din of iniquity. One huge venue called The Beverly Hills Supper Club in Newport turned into a legitimate business in the 1970’s. Alas residual mobster activity continued and mysterious fires sprouted among various nightclubs. Refusing offers to sell, this business man apparently fell victim.

Unlike normal sabotage operations occurring on a quiet Sunday morning, this devastating event took place on a Saturday night. And those thousands (!) enjoying celebrations such as weddings, or just a simple night out were the ultimate victims. Hundreds died yet authorities prevented investigation by bulldozing the place within days. I’ll let you learn more if interested by checking this out. I’m shocked never to have known about this beforehand as its impact upon the city remains, including litigation over proposed development on what many consider a sacred sight.

I mentioned this tragedy to my older brother-in-law, curious if he’d heard this news during his young adulthood in Northeast Ohio. He had not. On a side note, he volunteers at his house of worship’s security team. What prompted my tell is that he and needed to cut short the brothers’ weekly video chat for a fire drill.

In a true ironic twist we endured our own sort of fire drill that very afternoon. I’d been cooking a blackened chicken recipe but didn’t notice smoke building up until our smoke detector sounded. A representative of the home security called and we promptly assured him no assistance was required. He chuckled at my self-deprecating joke before notifying our local fire department.

However, we were too late and a fire truck pulled up. Zack, leading his emerging responders, asked if he could double check inside our home. I agreed, apologetic while expressing an understanding that we’d receive a bill.

“No, don’t worry,” he replied. “There’s no charge involved.”
As if we needed more proof of Jezebel
being deaf, she did not react until
the very tall fireman Zack
stood behind me.

I later surmised the silent young people in uniform might have been on a convenient training mission. At any rate, I again confessed that my chicken was definitely blackened and received more laughter. After ascertaining our safety and making sure we didn’t need anything, Zack took down my name and number for their report. I, in turn, asked their names because they were so professional, polite, and thorough.

Have you ever pulled this type of embarrassing stunt? Isn’t my brother-in-law's volunteer work laudable?


Monday, February 13, 2023

Silly Updates & Sillier Quirks

Reading that several blogging friends never tasted pet food reminded me of a funny story. Perhaps ten years ago I was visiting my parents and felt a wee bit peckish. Not wanting to be a bother, I spied a snack container and decided to snag a few nibbles.

Gah! Were they dry. No doubt you’ve guessed that they were dog treats. My mother enjoyed a good chuckle.

As for the equally unpalatable gnocchi, it turned out wonderful. I made pesto using Thai basil and chopped walnuts which, along with wilted baby spinach and a few other ingredients, disguised the dumplings’ texture while the recipe also provided a side dish every bit as good as what I used to order at our local Bravo! Italian Eatery. In fact I enjoyed a small bowlful just this morning.

My quirks are things I never really recognized until reaching my 50’s. One is a bad habit – unplugging an appliance by its cord rather than the sturdier plug. So far I haven’t short circuited anything but the practice could be hazardous. Funny enough, I think it’s because my torso and arms are both a bit shorter than average. This makes reaching the back wall above a countertop a tiny bit awkward, especially with my overall weight gain. ~sigh~ I’ll try breaking this (let’s face it) lazy tendency before any household equipment succumbs.

Another personal glitch made itself known at the cinema Sunday afternoon. This one developed in my youth, perhaps during school activities. In a nutshell, during any lengthy event I begin wishing it to end. Regardless how much I’m enjoying myself there is a point I’d rather be at home cataloging favorite memories. Tomorrow (I hope) I’ll share what film we saw and my experience.

Do you agree that gnocchi’s rather unfortunate shape gives sauce a clingy surface? Are there any movies you would see at the cinema?


Sunday, February 12, 2023

Better Late than Never

After Christmas I discovered a deal on the Chewy pet product website. It’s still hard to believe I paid twenty-five dollars for all of it. This super soft and cushioned blanket alone is worth that price.

Can you guess whose toes those are?
Hint: they include Pollywogs

And the squeezable treats have been a huge hit, a bit here and there ensuring clean plates. Food waste always frustrates me.

Sad to say, I couldn’t get any takers on the Feast of Fishies. They smell of molasses, weirdly, and ingredients include honey as well as cream cheese, which may nor may not be a plus.
Sorry about the focus;
we have more toys(!)

Have you ever tasted pet food? Or would you? (I have and do, here and there; it seems fair to our beloved critters – don’t judge – lol)


Sunday, February 5, 2023

Truth in Advertising?

I have been reading labels like never before, both for our cats’ health and us humans. Mind numbing as all the conflicting nutritional information is, one thing has begun standing out. Almost every package shows not only the product but also a serving suggestion. Most of the time those make sense. But not always…

If this dumpling could speak,
what would it say?

Even funnier is the fact the gnocchi are clearly visible through otherwise clear packaging.

Doesn’t this close-up look rather like an insect larva? Could they have made it look less appetizing?