Sunday, March 31, 2024

Some Like it Hot, Some Not

After posting my image of Tabasco bottles I realized further back story might be fun, at least for me. ~grin~ And this story goes way back to 1989 when my husband and I met. On an early date he introduced me to Buffalo style chicken wings, beginning my ongoing appreciation of spicy foods.

I could not begin to name all the hot sauces we’ve tasted over the years or even the varieties currently in our refrigerator. Tabasco and Frank’s are two mainstream brands we always stock. Believe me, both the tiny bottles and large will get used. In fact, I carry a miniature with me at all times, a handy way to spice up food on the go. Flaming hot is best avoided otherwise, such as with this sad sight.

 While sorry for the homeowner(s) and wishing no residents were physically harmed, I find beauty in the charred remains. Then again, perhaps the structure was unsafe and firefighters practiced with a controlled burn. One can only hope.

Another fire related memory regards my last employment. Volatile chemicals sometimes flared up, so all the plant and office workers endured random fire drills.

An actual fire chief attended one such event with a funny story. Despite knowing better, he placed aluminum foil wrapped leftover food into a microwave oven. Oops.

That company also scheduled tornado drills. Midwest Ohio is prone to those dangerous events.

Are you familiar with the screenplay "Some Like it Hot"? Does your residence require regular emergency drills?


Thursday, March 28, 2024



     My husband bought me
tiny hot sauce

Was it not sweet for him to remember I like miniature things? And do you find the comparison with a large one amusing as I do?

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Fun with American English Idioms

In our early dating days, I learned my husband had a funny way with vocabulary. One time, instead of saying ‘peachy keen’ or ‘hunky dory’ to mean all is well he said, ‘peachy dory’.

The turn of phrase still amuses us. Sharing old memories is a blessings, for sure.

Fast forward thirty plus years and he delivered another phrase twist worth mention. We debated on something and he conceded, adding, “Whatever flips your boat”. The alternates he conflated are whatever ‘floats your boat’ or ‘flips your trigger’.

Aren’t regional idioms fascinating? Are you familiar with how many regard boating or sports, not to mention long lost meanings?


Friday, March 15, 2024

Random Wisdom

A few days ago my husband requested food from a favorite Chinese restaurant. Because I’ve been frustrated doing all my usual chores on top of caring for his needs, the slip in my fortune cookie struck me as worth mentioning.

Isn’t that great advice for all? Whenever you’re physically or emotionally drained, how do you decompress?

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

It’s Another Day in Paradise

Today I took our car in for routine maintenance. My husband planned to drive our second vehicle for a drop-off but was in too much pain. Knowing the fluid changes would take several hours, I took advantage of the auto shop’s free shuttle service, but not for the twenty minute return home.

At my request the fellow drove me a short distance to an expensive gourmet grocery store. Feeling I deserved a treat, I purchased a few items including selections from their salad bar and a nice sushi platter. My lunch in Dorothy Lane Market’s free seating area was most pleasant as I looked upon passersby entering through steady dismal rain.

After eating I sent a message to my friend Scars, who lives nearby. He and his father didn’t need any grocery items but a visit would be nice, Scars replied.

It turns out my proximity was fortuitous. He admitted overdoing physical activity and suffering more extreme pain than the day after his hip replacement. It was sad witnessing this (lessening!) agony and rare (begrudging) request for assistance. I gladly bestowed his minor appeals and enjoyed seeing him and his dad. It’s a shame their shy kitty didn’t check me out while I saw to her basic needs.

Anyway, I am happy to report that my husband plans to see a specialist for his ongoing issues. Plus both our friends Scars and Phoenix are getting excellent care despite their setbacks. As a side note, I stole my title from Scars. “It’s another day in paradise” is his sardonic reply whenever someone asks how he’s doing, which speaks volumes about his stalwart nature.

My food photographs are not so good. lol Instead, here are some other fun photos from the market.

Entrance to where I ate lunch...

It seems wedding season approaches...

The butterfly drew my attention...

What riotous design options...

K & R were a monogram theme throughout...
Perhaps R and/or K are employees.

I wonder how much of these are edible...

 Aren’t these cake designs wild? Would you choose one for your special event?


Friday, March 1, 2024

Buzz, Buzz

For all the kind folks interested, my friend Scars came through hip replacement surgery well and is already home. He hasn’t asked for any assistance so far. Phoenix, while frustrated by the setback from another fall, got cleared for better pain maintenance regarding his amputated leg.

I’m still busy taking care of my husband due to back pain. Busy as a bee, one might say. On a funny note, Phoenix smoked a lot during our outing and I still have a nicotine buzz headache hours later./span>

I must say, all these guys are appreciative. And I met some nice folks today.

One lady held the door for a couple leaving the spinal care center the man replied, “We moved here two years ago from Philadelphia and I’m still not used to all the kindness local people show.”

That woman and I agreed any interaction should include some little kindness and/or simple uplifting words. I don’t care if it’s praising a person’s outfit or hairstyle, aiding someone seeking a grocery item, or perhaps just smiling I think positivity spreads, as shown in the film “Pay it Forward”.

Have heard the saying “ misery likes company”? Don’t you agree that positivity is a better force?