Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Thanksgiving Foods

Our family actually celebrated Thanksgiving in the US early. Still, I wanted to pay tribute to the holiday if only in a frivolous way. Here are thirteen foods besides the ubiquitous turkey that have graced the family table:

1. Mixed nuts - from the can, not the family tree, thank goodness

2. Cheese cubes

3. Vegetable tray

4. Green bean casserole

5. Cranberry sauce

6. Rolls

7. Sweet potato casserole

8. Cheese ball and crackers

9. Taco dip and chips

10. Dad's outrageous stuffing full of chestnuts and rice and bread

11. Pumpkin roll - a favorite of mine from my sister-in-law

12. Cherry cheesecake

13. Pumpkin pie and whipped cream, of course


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Images From My Hot Air Balloon Ride

I''ve had these on my camera for a while and it's high time I share.  They're by no means professional grade photographs of the dual balloon flights, but I  hope you enjoy...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Observations on Cats

I grew up having dogs around. We had a cat briefly, but the barn raised animal never did like city living. Eventually, I found myself living with a cat lover. Since I love all furry creatures pretty equally, this didn't pose a problem. Today, surrounded by the three female cats that make our house a home, I decided to share things I adore and some, not so much.

1. Any time you put something in front of a cat's nose, she cannot resist sniffing it.

2. A cat will turn her nose up at you if she's not in the mood for your company.

3. Our cats our almost always in the mood for our company.

4. Last night we had all three kitties and both humans on the love seat in front of the television.

5. Every day I leave is hard because I'd rather stay home and watch their antics.

6. Our cats have more toys than probably exist in some third world countries.

7. Felines don't need to go outside to do their business at inopportune times.

8. Soiled cat litter is no fun to swap out.

9. Fur is soft and fun to caress.

10. Fur balls tossed up on the carpet are not fun to step on.

11. Any human with a cat on the lap is entitled to ask for favors so as not to disturb the creature.

12. They eat better than we do.

13. I'm going to need serious therapy when any of our trio passes away.

What pet(s) do you have, or would if you could?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Sentences from My NaNoWriMo WIP

Here is the opening to what I hope will become a novel for National Novel Writing Month. I hope you enjoy the snippet.


“What am I doing? I’m acting like a teenager trying to impress the boys,” Lita muttered at her reflection.

Her admonition didn’t stop her from further fluffing her short, highlighted hair or adding eyeliner to already large hazel eyes. She might be out of college but she was no old maid.

With a look through her closet, she decided to drive to the party. The cream colored high heels would go well with her outfit but weren’t good for walking the many blocks to Rhonda and Pete’s house. Pale rose and ivory on her matched skirt ensemble set off the fading summer tan from her trip to Bermuda.

She snagged a bottle of wine from the counter along with her purse. A glance at the clock showed she would be fashionably late.

The ringing phone caused her to hesitate on the way to the garage door. She hated to miss a call from her mother, who would be equally happy to hear that her youngest daughter planned to socialize after a slow and agonizing breakup with her fiancé.

A glance at the caller id showed the name of the very friends she prepared to visit.