Thursday, March 31, 2022

A Moment of Zen with Jezebel


Do you have any idea why she keeps rubbing the top of her head against me? Is it perhaps a tic of old age?


Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Conquering a Lifetime Fear

I know it’s spring when the first centipede appears on my shower stall ceiling. After decades of fearful disgust and countless harmless interactions, I began jokingly referring to them as my ‘power animal’. They are fierce and beneficial hunters. Plus a large jungle species provides some monkey clans a venomous insecticide with pleasant side effects.

Telling myself this was a super fast and cool caterpillar, I picked up the shy creature inching down the wall. The old saying stands true that she/he (on the small side, granted) feared me more.

But I’m proud of myself and call this a victory. I did wash my hands after releasing it, not knowing where all those feet have tread.

Have you heard of so-called power animals? What’s your choice?


Friday, March 18, 2022

Have it Your Way

While I drove us around completing errands today, my husband requested we patronize a nearby Burger King drive-thru. I agreed, though my doctor would doubtless not approve, and added my own requests including an iced coffee. As it happens, filling out a survey gets you a free* Whopper sandwich. So I did.

(* ‘free’ of course = purchasing a regularly priced drink and side item)

My positive review rewarded the staff’s excellent service and quality food. But remember when I mentioned ordering an iced coffee? The following question popped up along with my eyebrows.

Do you think this was a joke assuring reviewers are awake and aware? Should I have replied ‘yes’ or ‘no’ instead of ‘N/A’?


Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Eerie & Amusing

This morning I began catching up on blogs, having somehow fallen behind yet again. When I viewed Pam’s latest post here I chuckled and remarked with a simple ‘lol’. But the second image didn’t all fit on my computer screen at once. Scrolling down gave a fleeting glimpse of that bottom frame where something odd stood out. I went back to take a second look.

What first impressed me as a man peeking up from below turned out to be her socked foot (!) that then registered right away. Very cute socks, by the way. ~grin~ Anyhow, the soldier I ‘saw’ wearing a garrison cap was cartoonish, at best, and likely not evident to every viewer. Yet something still niggled at me. I got up to check a wartime portrait hanging nearby.

It is sad that this handsome, serene
visage hides WWII trauma
he never discussed.
I never had the pleasure of meeting my husband’s father. He passed away in 1981, I’m sorry to say, a full eight years before I met his son.

Can you see his wife’s high school photo reflected over his left shoulder? Isn’t it wonderful that we have these vintage portraits?


Monday, March 14, 2022

Polly’s Follies – 8

I occasionally utilize one particular cat tree perch as a standing desk. I kept an eye on Terra lounging by my feet the other day. Then Polly surprised us all, running across the room and launching herself toward me. I hollered and she slipped. One of her many toes left a claw sheath behind while taking my O key along for the ride.

As it happens, I have experience reinserting laptop keys and Miss Polly 'Anna' didn’t break any components. She remains renowned for the destruction while unaware of my less flattering nicknames.
At least she cannot leap like this cat...
Do you see the ball up there?
This kitty reached it.
Can you suggest a better moniker than the lame ‘laptop breaker’? Or should I just resort to Polly Dactyl, following her sister Terra’s more menacing nomenclature?


Sunday, March 13, 2022

Replies to Some More Appreciated Comments

Pradeep Nair shared a sad fact that his gymnasium’s overly loud sound system makes him steer clear. Blessedly, none of my YMCA establishments blast music. In fact, my ears strained a bit identifying what the radio station aired this morning. Enjoy your park, my friend!

Sandee gave a kind warning about a dock crow accustomed to handouts turning vicious if she and her husband didn’t provide. Yikes! Well, I haven’t seen any since my little feeding attempt. ~sigh~ If things do progress, I’ll be careful and hope our breed of corvid are more shy/polite.

Bathwater, Cleo, Eastside Cats, J E Oneil, Pam, and Liz A. (in alphabetical order; sorry if I missed anyone) all provided well wishes regarding dog poop next to my mailbox. Thank you! Some neighbors let their dogs roam and do as they please, but these folks are all decent and good relations make tolerating the minor annoyance worthwhile.

Did I miss any folks requiring thanks? Are you ready for more kitty shenanigans?
Jezebel wants the shenanigans to stop,
but at least she still has her friend...

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Time for Some Changes

Chief Inspector Terra on the job...

I made up my mind that the tiny new flower bed deserves some pansies. The few required didn’t cost much and their little ‘faces’ would have delighted my dear departed mother, too. I didn’t just breeze in and leave. This garden center’s annual twenty-five percent off spring sale inspired me to browse. And, well, after much consideration I bought a tree.

Deputy Inspector Polly
Lends a Hand Nose

It doesn’t look like much now but this ‘Rhode Island Red’ dwarf Japanese maple will replace a weeping crabapple that has outgrown the space and turned rather ugly. I’m somewhat sad as Luna moved in about the time I planted it. ~sigh~ At least the memories of her lounging in the shade remain vivid.

My Crabapple Tree a Decade Ago...
I must dig up an older w/ Luna...

Well aware that my selections don’t offer a lot to local wildlife, I don’t feel guilty. The main perennial bed contains all sorts of critter friendly plants. Meanwhile, temperatures have plummeted. So my tiny tree sits outside close to sun warmed brick and the pansies are huddled in the garage.

The Old Crabapple Well
Past its Prime...

Should I let my old tree stand for another season of flowers and crabapples? Do you think the shelter and shade will benefit the maple while it gets established?


Thursday, March 10, 2022

Making Friends, Not Excuses

On Monday I decided it was time I go back to the gym and lift weights. Then… well… on Tuesday I didn’t feel like it.

I actually thought, word for word, I know I’ll feel better if I go, but…

Unable to complete this thought any other way than ‘not feeling like it’ underscored the absurdity. And triumphing over my lethargy both then and this morning indeed feels great.

Even better, on the way home today I saw a crow standing in the middle of a quiet street. My husband and I find these intelligent creatures fascinating. Numerous times he has mentioned wishing to befriend one.
On another note, our red-headed
vultures are back in force!

Well, I just happened to have an open packet of peanuts on hand. So I pulled over and tossed a few out the window. A few blocks from there three of them perched high up in a tree. I scattered several more.

Since these birds are adept at both facial recognition and establishing routines, there’s a chance they will connect me with reward if I do this regularly. As a bonus they will even pass this information along!

Outside my home, too many nearby neighbors walk their dogs or let them roam. ~sigh~ But perhaps I can someday lure crows onto our back deck.

Do you think to yourself in complete sentences? Would you befriend a crow?


Sunday, March 6, 2022

Good Questions & More About My New Flower Bed

Thanks to all who responded so kindly regarding yesterday’s post. Our sweet blogger from Eastside Cats wondered what is centered in my new flower bed. It’s our mailbox.
I topped off the soil level last night...
I’m not planning on telling a single neighbor that I installed this partly because somebody’s dog keeps leaving poop next to the post. ~sigh~ I hope this deters that behavior.

Liz A. is another dear who wisely asked how long the project took in actuality. Sad to say, I got so immersed in it that I’m not quite sure. I want to say it took around three hours.

The fun part will be picking out plants. I seldom buy annuals because they are so pricey for lasting only a season. But I may make an exception with this because this limited space would be fun to change out.

Should I start with some cold tolerant pansies? Then perhaps mimic an expensive summertime planter sold at a local garden center? Ooh... What about mums in the fall?

This is starting to sound pricey. Hmmm… We shall see...