Sunday, February 27, 2022

Confused Again

Just when I have some little thing figured out, the rules have changed. Skin care products are an excellent example. I learned many years ago that most scented items use alcohol to disperse their fragrance.

Though a drying agent is the last thing I want to rub into my skin, I continued using cheap moisturizers until chlorinated pools caused dry cuticles and painful little hangnails. An unscented body lotion solved that. I decided to go the same route with shaving gel.

All was fine until I changed brands without reading the fine print. It’s alcohol free, all right, but has a strong fragrance. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t use enough to cover my legs. Oh, well. It fades fast.

More recently, I made the opposite mistake while trying to go cheaper on my lotion. This product is unscented but does contain alcohol. I am utterly baffled.

Anyway, here are some true money saving tips, particularly for the ladies:

First, you may know that items marketed toward males are cheaper than women’s equivalents. This includes shaving gel, as you may have guessed. I end up smelling like my high school shop teacher. ~rolls eyes~ And of course multiple cans were more… you guessed it, cost effective.

My high quality body lotion is not cheap. However, buying direct via this Griffin Remedy link helps. And, while not a paid sponsor, I’ll tell you that this San Francisco based company offers several 25% off (!) holiday promotions as well as for those buyers providing a new email address. Also, purchases over $39 (USD) ship free – though only within the continental United States. An industrial sized gallon lasts me the better part of a year.

Does an excessive amount of cologne or perfume almost make you gag? Would you suggest/request that an unavoidable person use less?


Thursday, February 17, 2022

An Adorable Devil & Dedicated Angels

First off, thanks to everyone who offered supportive comments and suggestions. Based on devilish kitty Polly’s proclivities plus the numerous cords in our home I purchased a twenty-five foot length of cover material from Amazon. A bit different from what the kind folks at Brian’s Home showed me, it doesn’t require burning cut ends against fraying.

I’ll get into why that’s a good thing (and my supposed angels) later…

Of the black and white color choices I opted for the first. I don’t know why, but Polly seems attracted to pale items, both cables and furniture. I improvised further protection using surgical tape. We humans haven’t needed it for ages (fingers crossed that doesn’t change), the stuff is easy to tear into strips, and it should provide an unpleasant sort of sticky/gummy chewing sensation.
My silly scribbles and sticker make connecting super easy.
Of course the perpetrator appears in the frame.
I hope this succeeds. The mythical creatures known as my guardian angels have enough work. Starting in my teenage years I’ve half jokingly referred to them because helping me survive unscathed so many freaky little events must take a team effort. I’d rather forgotten until recent events, like my wrong turn almost causing a potentially nasty car accident.

Regarding my feckless self and fire, not long ago I started a kitchen flame-up (!) by turning on the wrong stovetop burner. It turns out flammable materials, oily residue, and heat are a bad mix. ~rolls eyes~ Good thing I had a pair of tongs handy. My husband sat in front of the TV just a few feet away and still knows nothing of this particular little adventure.

And here’s a favorite example of mine. During the nineties I often swam at a nearby lake. On a weekday off work I had the place to myself. Great, I thought, and began swimming laps along the beach. Unbeknownst to me a gentle wind blew me steadily away from shore. Nearing the middle of the lake I finally recognized my danger. The inhospitable eastern shore gave me no choice but to fight the current. So I’d swim straight west hard as I could, then rest a while and begin again. After an exhausting hour I finally crawled onto the sand.

One memorable 1980’s era incident involved a ‘helpful’ truck driver when my crappy used car broke down. He turned out to be an amorous fellow and pinned me against my open car door demanding a kiss. My mind raced as I played coy fending him off. There were no passing cars and I feared angering him would lead to being bundled into the burly man’s cab.

For some inexplicable reason he just backed away. He hadn’t even landed a kiss, let alone groped me. I was so relieved that to this day I don’t recall exactly what happened after that. I think he called in a tow truck and went on his way.

Do I really believe in angels? I’m honestly not sure. What about you? Any thoughts on these supernatural beings or ‘fun’ near death experience(s) to share?


Saturday, February 12, 2022

Polly’s Follies – 7

This first bit is not at all amusing. I’d thought her through the cord chewing phase. Apparently not, despite the fact she is rarely left unsupervised and gets plenty of playtime.

Her chewing exposed wires!

It took me a while to figure out why my cell phone wasn’t charging. We’re lucky she didn’t electrocute herself and/or burn the house down. My ringing phone has been knocked to the floor numerous times. Perhaps it’s a theme.

On a cute note, I discovered what garnered her excited attention outside our bedroom window. She found a bit of clinging vine waving from the north facing brick wall.

Can you believe citrus doesn’t deter Terra and Polly from jumping on my kitchen counters? Do you have any recommendations?


Friday, February 11, 2022

What does the future hodl?

The title looks like I made an error. But bear with me and you might even see where this is going…

You see, I developed a serious craving for shrimp egg fu young a few days ago. So after running an errand yesterday I stopped at a small place recommended on Yelp because, sad to say, my normal go-to place had closed. Fingers crossed the proprietors decided to retire but it seems unlikely these days. ~sigh~ On a happy note, this restaurant served an even tastier version of the Chinese omelet. I am not normally a fan of any gravy but theirs was delicious and my meal received a second light drizzle. The funny part came within my crunchy little dessert.

Our US history behind the fortune cookie isn’t all good. You can read about it here.

Isn’t it odd I received a query rather than a fortune telling? Have you eaten these vanilla flavored crunchy cookies? And if so, do you like them?