Friday, November 26, 2021

Polly’s Follies – 5

It’s no secret that Polly has a penchant for chewing things. And just as her rescuers named her ‘Beauty’, the name fits.

I feel bad for trying to doll her up with a string of pearls. This girl is no dummy and wanted nothing to do with it.
You want to drape this around my neck?

Intelligent Polly Esther discovered some things we did not know, such as the fact our overhead fan light has a dimmer switch. She also managed to turn off the SoundFreaq speaker from my little video and knocked my cell phone off the nightstand when it rang.
“I am not chewing this laptop cord.
I’m keeping it from escaping.”

Another day my alarm clock sounded (no doubt thanks to Terra walking on it) and she again swept my cell phone onto the floor. I cannot fault her for misunderstanding the source of that obnoxious sound.
“Drop your eyeglasses and they
are mine to nibble.”

Isn’t it too bad she doesn’t have opposable thumbs to attend a trade school? Don’t you think she would be an excellent electrical technician?


Thursday, November 25, 2021

Tenacious Terra – 4

For a decade or more, my husband and I have enjoyed a ‘cat of the day’ calendar. Many kitties shared physical attributes with one of ours.Terra’ short black coat is not rare. Her huge personality sets her apart from any cat we have ever known.
Here she contemplates climbing my
skinny Christmas tree...

Aside from her notched ear, all gray Jezebel has lots of doppelgangers and so did gray/white tuxedo cat Luna to a degree. Tilly, with her wooly torti coat, not so much. Today, both looks and description matched Terra Dactyl to a tee. It’s eerily uncanny.

The caption reads:
Ready for Dinner
Finn thinks this cornucopia is okay – but he knows who the star of this Thanksgiving table centerpiece is.

To paraphrase the rest:
He joined his family at the age of 12 weeks old as a rescue cat.


He is very athletic.


His favorite hobby is playing fetch with his toy mouse.

Double check.

And while he knows he is not supposed to be on the dinner table, he knows he is too cute to get into too much trouble.


Is this not amazing? And can you believe she both turned on my radio and set its alarm to get me out of bed?


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Funny First World Issues

I term this a hamster wheel of domestic bliss. My husband laughed, knowing I appreciate our comfortable household environment.

The cycle started when I wanted eggs on toast for breakfast. Our reliable (only) bread toasting option, an air fryer, needed cleaning. Within a minute I found myself needing more paper towels to best finish the job.

We store paper products downstairs by the laundry room. So, having begun washing and drying a few loads the evening before, I grabbed my clean clothes basket.

About forty-five minutes later I finally ate. What a blessing my schedule is only ruled by cat demands. And I wouldn’t have that any other way. Sweet old Jezebel sat tucked by my side as I typed.

Do you own a washer and dryer? If you’ve used a public laundry, has anyone ever stolen items?


Thursday, November 18, 2021

A Sweet, Silly Treat

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is buttered popcorn flavored Jelly Belly candies. I still have some from a previous visit to Jungle Jim’s array of self serve jelly bean dispensers.
I really like the Belly Flop label...
But last week a bin of irregular jelly beans drew my attention. How fun, I thought, to change things up with a mysterious collection of flavors.

And it was! Between the two of us, my husband and I polished them off. Heh… I still want to share a particularly fun malformation.
These shapes look intentional...
The cinnamon is hot.

Do you prefer sweet or savory? Can you recommend a unique candy flavor?


Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Me, Too!

A post by Pam reminded me that I don’t like having my picture taken. I promised to share a photo after reading what Liz commented in agreement.

I intended to post about a recent zoo trip with a friend. However it’s already past noon and I’m hungry, so I decided to see what image(s) might already be on my computer. Heh...

This one is a few years old and I’ve since lost some weight, I’m happy to say. I didn’t even have my iPod touch yet (hence the camera) and took this photo because I’d just gotten my hair cut and colored. Sorry it’s not the best quality.

October 2017

Do you mind having your picture taken? As for my trip, have you seen how much animal living conditions have improved over the last few decades?


Sunday, November 14, 2021

Observations of Jezebel the Wise

Spoiler alert, cats and kittens: the Dimbulb Duo will never achieve my level of feline fineness.

Sometimes I just cover my eyes and
pretend I’m an only cat again.
The fat one… Oh, excuse me, Polly is just ‘big furred’. Anyway, she is so dumb she chews furniture and appliances! I guess anyone reading this probably knows that.

Pretty, but not exactly the face of an
intellectual cat about town, is it?

Excuse me a moment. You say I’m supposed to feel sorry for her being taking from her mommy too soon? Whatever, human. Her sibling is no better.

Terra thinks she is both cute and clever.
My opinion? She is neither.

For example, explain this next stupidity away. Terra the terror twin destroys her own toys. I didn’t need my biological mom to teach me not to tear things up.

She (a cat!) plays fetch like some dog &
sometimes the toy tail stays behind.
Then again, maybe that old holiday movie line is not fictional. How does it go?

Oh, yeah. When one mousie rattles another loses its tale. Or something like that. I do like Jimmy Stewart. He was one cool cat. But check this nonsense out…


Back in my day we had to play using our imaginations, too. This pair of rotten teenagers get all the latest and greatest gadgets. Even worse, they needed their floppy fish wrapped in tissue paper. Come on…

Can these juvenile kitties be any lamer? On a cooler note, did you know actor Jimmy Stewart served 27 years in the United States Military, retiring with the rank of Brigadier General?


Saturday, November 13, 2021

Polly’s Follies – 4

Not long ago I moved a little cabinet Terra knocked down. Wedging the unit between a bench and bedroom window proved an ideal perch and everything seemed stable. Her sister Polly, however, took a different path to destruction.

Those are teeth marks!
I finally put an old comforter over the whole thing. They can still enjoy continuing destruction of my vanity stool upholstery.

Sweet Luna sunk her claws in first.
May she rest in peace.


I did discover a potential cause that makes sad sense. Just as Terra likes to knead my flesh while sucking on the bedclothes, Polly’s penchant for chewing non food items likely resulted from being weaned at too young an age. And she is so cute I can
t get angry.

At least she doesn’t engage in this behavior unless she has a human audience (that I can tell). We hope she grows out of it. Not even our WiFi unit is safe. I had to cover the old unit
s three antennae.

Angel, the vampire with a soul,
continues his saving ways...

I fear Jezebel has a dimmer view of Polly’s behavior. She’s glaring at me, insisting a turn at my computer. But how can she be such a hater? Just look at this face.


Did you know a cat could exhibit pica? Should I take Polly to a kitty psychologist? -

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Tenacious Terra – 3

Our little athlete continues to awe me with her antics. If Terra gets bored and wants me out of bed... Well… This picture says it all.

Get up and play with me!

And I had to snap an image seeing her in this box (used to corral grocery bags in the back of my car). Sorry it’s grainy, but the all important ‘Fireball’ label is legible, at least.

My little fire breathing kitty...

Here she is in action. The footage of Terra climbing was too shaky. I’ll try again one day.

Wouldn’t she make an entertaining tightrope walker? Did you know the technical term for this type of artist is funambulist?


Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Jezebel the Wise

Hello, cats and kittens. I’m back with another installment sharing my feline wisdom, however obvious the lesson. After all, any kitty worthy of her fur understands the fundamentals of sunbathing.

I permitted my human to take this portrait
for demonstration purposes only...

Not these interlopers, though. How Terra and Polly fail to understand the concept is beyond me.

Here they are: Dim and Dimmer...
Is it too generous of me to think they were trying to blend in with the shadows? That maybe they thought I couldn
t see them taking tips from the master? Either way I should just be glad they left me alone to bask in the heavenly warmth, huh?


Tuesday, November 2, 2021

More Party Pics

I did not take as many pictures as planned. Most of these are off of Facebook thanks to other attendees.

Looks like a cyclist is on this spider's
dinner menu... Yum!

My lovely niece.

The day before...

This guy greeted me along with his friend
perched on the opposite porch rail.

Spider Man Unmasked...

More decor along the detached garage...

Last but far from least, here is sweet Tux.
His frame felt frail but he doesn't act it.


Monday, November 1, 2021

November Already?

I sure lost track of time this October. It’s taken me hours to catch up on just a few favorite blogs this morning (!) and I haven’t posted since October 12th. Wow. Just wow.

To kick things off again, here are tidbits from this past Saturday night. My one (middle) brother and sister-in-law hosted their awesome annual Halloween party. So I rousted myself out of our cozy home, leaving my husband to take care of kitties, and drove from Southwest to Northeast Ohio. I’m glad I made the effort to visit family and some friends.

Near 2am I photographed my silly brother
 & his lovely wife about to call it a night...

The couple did an awesome job transforming their backyard. Portable outdoor heaters warmed covered areas near the house, spooky d├ęcor surrounding that whole space. Both electric lighting and torches welcomed partygoers toward the wooded property line. There, seats surrounded their huge fire pit while another pop up shelter stood a safe bit away for those not willing to brave occasional drizzling rainfall. I’ll share more later, after a lunch out for food I’ve been craving. ~grin~ I wanted to go yesterday but the place was packed.

Do you have that one family member who hosts amazing shindigs? Do you want to see a gruesome (but tasty) Halloween treat (see below...)?







Definitely not gory internal organs,
just ill-formed cinnamon rolls...