Sunday, November 14, 2021

Observations of Jezebel the Wise

Spoiler alert, cats and kittens: the Dimbulb Duo will never achieve my level of feline fineness.

Sometimes I just cover my eyes and
pretend I’m an only cat again.
The fat one… Oh, excuse me, Polly is just ‘big furred’. Anyway, she is so dumb she chews furniture and appliances! I guess anyone reading this probably knows that.

Pretty, but not exactly the face of an
intellectual cat about town, is it?

Excuse me a moment. You say I’m supposed to feel sorry for her being taking from her mommy too soon? Whatever, human. Her sibling is no better.

Terra thinks she is both cute and clever.
My opinion? She is neither.

For example, explain this next stupidity away. Terra the terror twin destroys her own toys. I didn’t need my biological mom to teach me not to tear things up.

She (a cat!) plays fetch like some dog &
sometimes the toy tail stays behind.
Then again, maybe that old holiday movie line is not fictional. How does it go?

Oh, yeah. When one mousie rattles another loses its tale. Or something like that. I do like Jimmy Stewart. He was one cool cat. But check this nonsense out…


Back in my day we had to play using our imaginations, too. This pair of rotten teenagers get all the latest and greatest gadgets. Even worse, they needed their floppy fish wrapped in tissue paper. Come on…

Can these juvenile kitties be any lamer? On a cooler note, did you know actor Jimmy Stewart served 27 years in the United States Military, retiring with the rank of Brigadier General?



  1. So adorable. They are cute and then some. I think they're purrfect.

    I linked this post to Feline Friday.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Big hug to you and scritches to the kitties. ♥

  2. Hats off to Jimmy Stewart...that is a long time. My dad did 33 yrs in the Navy. It was cool to see all the pics of dads on FB of folks I have known since school....back then everyone's dad was in the service.

  3. O, the video of the cat playing was so nice!

  4. Replies
    1. They will, I'm sure. Jezebel will be happy, no doubt. Me, not so much, as the human. lol

  5. You two are so cute and most entaining, no doubt about it!

  6. I never knew that about Jimmy Stewart. That's so funny, and clever, wrapping the flopping fish toy.

  7. I LOVED those videos . And Jezebel, my gosh, lighten up Girlfriend! Teens will be teens! You were that way too.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed them. :D And I just like sounding tough. ;) Those two do make life more exciting.

  8. Cute videos. I am going to wrap Sammy's fish in tissue paper.
    My Ethel likes to de-tail toy mice too. I did not know Jimmy Stewart was in the service for so long. XO

    1. Thanks! ~hugs~ And I'm tickled to have given you an idea.

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  10. I'm a laid back, peace-loving Tortie, but when dad and I get to rough housing as part of our bedtime routine I grab hold of Miss Ellen's 'nip toy and tear the living sh*t out of it with my teeth! Hmmm, we did not know that about Jimmy Stewart. Dad got his first real taste of Mr. Stewart after he met mom eons ago when she introduced him to "It's a Wonderful Life". Now they watch it every year at Thanksgiving and dad says he's glad mom made him sit and watch it.

    1. Miss Ellen's toys are awesome. My favorite Jimmy Stewart flick has to be the romantic comedy 'The Philadelphia Story'. I'll have to pop in and share the following clip so you can show your dad, Cleo. ;)


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