Friday, November 26, 2021

Polly’s Follies – 5

It’s no secret that Polly has a penchant for chewing things. And just as her rescuers named her ‘Beauty’, the name fits.

I feel bad for trying to doll her up with a string of pearls. This girl is no dummy and wanted nothing to do with it.
You want to drape this around my neck?

Intelligent Polly Esther discovered some things we did not know, such as the fact our overhead fan light has a dimmer switch. She also managed to turn off the SoundFreaq speaker from my little video and knocked my cell phone off the nightstand when it rang.
“I am not chewing this laptop cord.
I’m keeping it from escaping.”

Another day my alarm clock sounded (no doubt thanks to Terra walking on it) and she again swept my cell phone onto the floor. I cannot fault her for misunderstanding the source of that obnoxious sound.
“Drop your eyeglasses and they
are mine to nibble.”

Isn’t it too bad she doesn’t have opposable thumbs to attend a trade school? Don’t you think she would be an excellent electrical technician?



  1. Dang, she sure is a busy little thing, so much to chew, so little time!

  2. We can only be grateful cats so far have not developed the opposable thumb, although the world they might create, if they had them, probably would be fantastical.

  3. She is a mischievous one, isn't she? Dad says thankfully I'm not much of a chewer, though I do have some awesome scratching techniques.

  4. If I had thumbs mom said she would be very concerned because I am very inquisitive! Now Polly would be dazzling in pearls. I hope she relents. And yes...electrician or...repairwoman!

  5. Polly is too funny. We have pearls like that , we wave them around for the cats to chase.

  6. You've got to make sure everything is tacked down, don't you?

  7. The thought of cats with opposable thumbs fills me with horror! If they had them, they would truly rule the world!

  8. polly; 984 PAWZ UP two we...spesh a lee that knockin de cell ewe lar dee vize two de floor ;) ☺☺♥♥

  9. She is so adorable. I know they can be naughty but that's the attraction, isn't it?


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