Monday, December 16, 2019

Ephemeral Beauty and a Quick Tip

Watching the snow fall yesterday evening, I delighted today at the full frosted glory of my Harry Lauder’s Walking stick (a cultivar of the common hazel). Upon my return from swimming I should have taken photos right away. Instead I started laundry, and an ongoing thaw melted away much of nature’s snow sculpture.

Still, there is one shot I thought might be interesting to share. This awkward overhead angle isn’t optimal, but the catkins stand out rather nicely.
A Very White Monday

As for that laundry, a few years ago I stopped drying favorite clothes in the electric dryer. Sometimes, not every granule of laundry powder dissolves in the wash and chalky residue appears upon these line dried fabrics. This recently happened to my black Palaye Royale band shirt.

Tumbling several moments in the dryer with some wet items articles didn’t eradicate this excessive streaking. Inspiration struck, and I’m happy to report a recycled dryer sheet solved the problem.

Are you a fan of fabric softeners? If so, do you prefer liquid in the washer or sheets? Please share if you know more of depleted dryer sheets’ many reuses.


Saturday, December 7, 2019

Saturday Silliness

I set up my water bottle ice tray the other day and, upon opening the freezer door later, found an ice ‘finger’ formed near the frozen spear's exact center. Seeing this pointed straight out at eye level disturbed my husband, especially when I made the comparison with the legendary1982 science fiction/horror movie, “The Thing.”

MacReady: "...nobody...nobody trusts anybody anymore..."
Have you seen any of the films starring actor Kurt Russell (quoted above from “The Thing”)? If so, do you have a favorite?