Monday, June 26, 2023

Stupid Technology

For a long while I’ve been unable to sign onto my Google account on the Brave web browser. Switching to Firefox did the trick until today. ~sigh~ I tried to use Brave with my name and URL and can’t even do that!

It’s bad enough blog reading/posting have been so neglected. Not allowed to comment on my own blog is maddening. I did manage to comment using Firefox with name and URL.

Have you had these types of issues? How is your week going so far?


Tuesday, June 13, 2023

My Mistake

When I wrote about my friend interrupting his podcast to listen to me it was not ‘me’ speaking over his car radio. Scars chose my live action babbling over his streaming audio. lol He is just that kind of gentleman.

Don’t you just hate all these run-on sentences? ~shakes head~ But aren’t dangling participles the worst?


Sunday, June 11, 2023

A Friend's Day Out

I befriended a fellow writer at a gathering several years ago. We immediately bonded before the others even arrived, almost like long lost siblings. I consider him the little brother I never had. He goes by the name Scars, which I’ve encouraged, because his lifelong battle with arthritis has ravaged his body.

This disabled gentleman tends his ailing uncle while his widower father travels, which happens a great deal, and visits his lovely lady in Texas when able. Since he had free time both Wednesday (when I was busy) and Thursday, I reached out.

My husband didn’t feel ready for a lengthy outing. But bless him, he wanted me to get out and have fun. So Scars and I met at one of my favorite restaurants where he insisted on buying my lunch. The place has delicious South American cuisine and a stellar enclosed patio.

We sat beneath that yellow window.
Afterward he further exhibited his gallant nature. After I freshened up and emerged from El Meson he sat in his car having a quick smoke. I walked over and resumed talking before realizing he had a podcast playing.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “you’re listening to something.”

“I’m listing to you,” he replied without pause.

How sweet is that? And speaking of sweet, have you ever eaten Columbian arepas de choclo, or any South American cuisine?


Wednesday, June 7, 2023

The Big Day

This morning I took Dandelion to the vet for her dental work. She had seven teeth removed (fewer than expected) and I get to pick her up in a half hour.

Dani will be on two different pain medications and an antibiotic. I hope she forgives me for corralling her again, especially since she has to get a CVR booster in another week and a half.

Do you think so-called dental treats are helpful? Did you know there are even dental care toys now?

These Strawberry Toys are Tempting
They are just too cute.


Monday, June 5, 2023

Unseasonal Repair & Assorted News

My computer glasses broke a while back and, with everything going on, I decided on a temporary repair. Oh, my eyeglass repair guy retired, too. He worked wonders on my vintage frames. At least these could probably be fixed at any optical shop. Anyway, here is my whimsical solution.

As for news, my husband is doing quite a bit better. He had me worried about visiting the cardiologist after hearing that his heart function was less than optimal. Thank heaven, the doctor acted unconcerned, expects improvement with time, and will see him in six months.

Fortunately, a dear lady I’ve called ‘Mom’ since childhood, the mother of my oldest friend, is also doing better after low potassium and high blood pressure landed her in the hospital. She survived cancer of the jaw decades ago. Doctors didn’t expect her to live and decades later complications arose. But she and ‘Dad’ were still travelling and enjoying life years later; I hope that resumes.

Dandelion is getting along great with our other kitties. She strode upstairs Sunday morning and I’ve witnessed Terra’s occasional hiss – no big deal. Dani gets her dental work done on Wednesday. That might improve cat politics even more.

As I type I’m sitting outside enjoying my garden. A pair of neighbor ladies stopped by. They like my new water feature. It’s a work in progress.

I feel so blessed.

Do you enjoy water features? Should I extend my pond and add fish?


Saturday, June 3, 2023

In the Pink – & – Just Ducky

After my groomer shaved her, Dandelion now looks pink. It’s absolutely adorable, as is her demeanor. And she has started playing with wand toys! We’ll have a long play session today after a trip to the local farmer’s market.

And she is healthy aside from those bad teeth. Just a few more days and she will hopefully in tip top shape.

Meanwhile, I keep seeing Jeeps with tiny rubber ducks across the dashboard. Puzzled, I did a search and learned it’s just a fun way of brightening peoples’ day. Why only Jeeps? Well, today I found this news clip explaining further.

Do you see the pink from Dani’s skin showing through her shaved fur? Have you noticed Jeeps with rubber ducks inside?