Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Three Nice Surprises

The title tells what I shall explain. First, my husband’s debilitating pain has subsided; he is even driving himself to physical therapy and other doctor visits. What a relief for us both. Taking care of everything left me with a niggling case of tendonitis in my right elbow.

Then extended use of my left arm caused annoying if slight muscle pain around that scapula. Minor queasiness accompanied the frustrating sensation. While it’s happened exactly the same several times in my lifetime, healing takes longer at the age of 55 and I’ve been struggling for many weeks. But enough whining… Here’s my surprise win:

Knowing the grass needed mowing and weeds pulled yesterday, I finally took pain medication, something I avoid whenever possible. What a shock; all this activity didn’t bring greater hurt the next morning. I even managed to lift weights today.

Thirdly, I looked up bald eagle nest cameras online. This Pennsylvania pair has three (!) healthy nestlings. That’s a rare event.
When both parents are gone, one
eaglet always seems alert...

Do you follow any live webcams? Are there numerous raptors where you live?


Wednesday, April 17, 2024

One Wild Bird and Six Pet Kitty Names

Our kind friend Strayer expressed interest in video I took during my riverside walk. Here are two, in fact. ~grin~ The first shows a very determined crane on the hunt. I’m impressed by how still they can stand even near raging waters.
Then I must have gotten too close, which made me feel bad. At least I got to see its majestic flight.
On her blog, Pam shared a cute game in which you try to describe a pet’s name without declaring it outright. I just had to join the fun. I’ll start with the three sweethearts we’ve lost over the last decade, listing each in order of their arrival into our hearts and home. Of course each is listed under my blog’s labels but I’ll put the answers below…

Our Earth’s moon in Latin
Actresses Meg and Jennifer
The wicked wife of Israeli King Ahab
The Earth, ‘firma’
Who wants a cracker?
A prolific yellow flowering weed

Do you think the bird recognized my predatory ocular orientation? And since cats are both predator and prey, why don’t they have a second set of eyes on the sides of their heads?

Here are the girls’ names:


Monday, April 15, 2024

A Day Out and About

I was fascinated to find this derelict power station being dismantled. It’s been out of service a long time.
It looks like Pripyat to me...

Just before midnight must have been set on purpose...

Heavy rains washed debris across the riverside trail like I’ve never seen. At least flash floods weren’t a threat this day.

Water levels remained high. The nearby damn is like a waterfall.

Busy with domestics duties I fell behind reading blogs, let alone posting. I have a rather neat (at least to me) video from that day.

Aren’t interactions with fellow bloggers some of the best? What are you up to these days?


Thursday, April 4, 2024

Oh, Hail, No!

Wednesday, my husband and I planned lunching out. As the primary driver I don’t mind most weather. With possible hail forecasted, however, we agreed to stay home and not risk vehicle damage.

Today (Thursday) our lawn needed mowing so badly that I decided to brave the light rain indicated on my smart phone app. I kept going until the raindrops turned to hail.

Those little ice balls sting! At least I managed to finish the job between downpours. It’s not unprecedented for me as I’ve planted spring flowering bulbs in bad weather many autumns.

Are you a plant fan? Have you ever worked in torrential rain?

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Gone With the Wind

My area of Southwest Ohio in the United States has been pummeled the last few days by heavy rains interspersed with sunshine. In preparation I wore a waterproof fedora to the grocery store this afternoon. Exiting, I almost lost it when a gust of wind took hold of the brim. Lucky for me, it didn’t get far. Not only useful, the hat was a thoughtful gift from my deceased mother many, many years ago.

Later I walked near our home’s front windows at the perfect time to see a snippet of rainbow. It was the widest band of colors I’d ever seen. Unfortunately, the glimpse passed before I could grab a camera. Ah, well. I’m sure rainstorms this summer will provide many such beautiful sights. And I’m thankful for spotting it.

Do rainbows appear often, or at all, where you live? Have you ever seen the American film “Gone With the Wind”?


Monday, April 1, 2024

Adolescent Humor for April Fool’s Day

My husband and I enjoy Youtube videos by a man whose moniker is Lock Picking Lawyer. His content is brief and serious as he demonstrates most lock manufacturers’ utter lack of integrity and their flawed products.

Every April first my husband and I look forward to his salacious comedic videos. This year he demonstrated how wrenches obliterate locks and his sexual innuendos went above and beyond. The title, “My 36 Inch King Dick Wrecks Locks!” says it all. If you like such humor, check it out. I think he must spend months planning his next outrageous theme.
Are you the type to roll your eyes at such silliness? Or like me, does this sort of humor make you laugh so hard you *wrench* your back?