Sunday, January 31, 2021

A Quick Update and Another Request

While he is still in hospital, my big brother Brian continues doing well. The plan is to send him home once he is weaned off of oxygen. I think it's getting close.

Thanks to all for your well wishes and prayers. Sad to say, another pair could use some.

My childhood friend informed me that her in-laws are not well. Mom needs a procedure for an irregular heartbeat. Worse, however, is her husband's situation. He is at an excellent heart clinic but his condition, especially at his advanced age, are worrisome.

In advance, thanks for any and all well wishes for Mr. and Mrs. B from Northeast Ohio. They are very sweet folks.


Monday, January 25, 2021

Weird, Wild, & Wonderful

Today two shiny shed kitten claws appeared on a windowside kitty 'condo'. Wait... Shiny? ~shakes head~ Upon further investigation I realized Terra and/or Polly lost some baby teeth. I couldn't resist cleaning them in hydrogen peroxide for keeping.

Our little girls are growing up...

Even better than this cute discovery is the fact my niece filmed her father from his hospital bed. Brian looked and sounded great, better than I expected. His humor is intact and Sarah could be heard giggling throughout filming.

Do you think freezing a kitty teething toy will sooth them through this transition? Should I leave something nice under their bedding as the Tooth Fairy?


Sunday, January 24, 2021

More Good News on the Family Front

Our geriatric cat Jezebel has not warmed up to the Dactyl sisters, Terra Cotta and Polly Esther. But she is resuming some normal behavior, such as not wanting to stay still for photos.

Sun Bathing Interrupted...
(Sorry, Jezebel)

No blood has spilled, though, and not a lot of loose fur flung about. So that's a blessing.

Rest and Play... Rest and Play...
Mix the Two & Repeat

As for my convalescing brother Brian, his eldest daughter visited and shared a gratefully optimistic report. She met the surgeon, who was amazed at his quick recuperation despite residual pain and possible upcoming setbacks. It's not unexpected due to the long and complicated procedure. Her younger sister plans to visit tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the well wishes. It's a much needed joy to share caring connections. And by the way, my back pain from handling Terra's antics is mild. I'm sure it wouldn't even register on the scale many folks suffer. Bless you all and your fortitude.

Change of subject: do you believe in the sad theory that civilization is nine meals from collapse? Have you seen any documentaries on modern society failing without proper infrastructural maintenance?


Saturday, January 23, 2021

Big Brother is on the Mend (!) - & - How I Tweaked My Back

Around ten o'clock last night my middle brother passed along word that Brian was off the heart bypass machine. Still, the surgery would not be completed for probably two more hours.

I heard nothing further and figured no news was good knews. Emotionally wired, however, I stayed up until four in the morning. My husband passed me on his way to make coffee and turn on his computer. Heh...

My hopes were confirmed by word that Brian had been extubated and is breathing on his own. I'm sure he's not feeling terrific right now. Our hope is that each day will be better.

On a funny note, I strained my back muscles while eating lunch. Our intrepid cat Terra went after my plate probably a dozen times before I gave up placing her from dining table to floor. Now I'm feeling it. Oops... Jezebel ignored the entire fiasco, as did Polly.

Did you know that blueberries make an excellent cat toy? ~grin~ And (surprising to me) are a good feline food supplement?


Friday, January 22, 2021

Update on My Big Brother

The outpouring of support has been fantastic from all over, and I thank our lovely blogging community for the kind words. Brian is currently undergoing lengthy heart surgery.

Here he is, a proud new grandpa many months ago.

His ex-wife, I am happy to say, is by his side. She reported that there was extensive damage to the aorta and the operation will go on for an estimated two or three more hours as of 19:30. That's a total of at least eight hours starting around 13:00 EST, but I can't help feeling hopeful. ~fingers crossed~ I've been told this hospital and it's staff have an excellent reputation.


Well Wishes & Prayers Needed

Today I received a call from the middle of my three older brothers. Scott informed me that our eldest sibling, Brian, went to the Emergency Room and has been diagnosed with an aortic bifurcation.

The condition is as serious as it sounds, but that's not the worst. This hospital is not equipped for the surgery and Northeast Ohio weather has grounded life flight helicopters.

Brian is lucid and communicative, said he is in little pain, but has the fatalistic belief he will not survive. He didn't mention this to me in our shared text messages. However, Scott told me that Brian essentially said final goodbyes to his daughters over the phone.

So, I'm praying the skies clear or an ambulance can safely transport him to either Columbus or Cleveland for necessary surgery. And, just as important, that he doesn't give up. Thanks in advance for any and all support. I hope you're enjoying a safe, healthy, and happy day.


Monday, January 18, 2021

The Casualties of Curious Cats

Last I checked, none of our
clothes sported ears...

Snuggle Buddies

Not as innocent as they look...
That's okay. These curtains,
often clawed by Jezebel,
are very old. And a
tie-back hides this
new, fatal tear.

This old tent didn't hold up, either. First,
the Dactyl sisters tore a toy mouse off
its string, then ripped apart the base
long ago affixed with duct tape.
Wire frame exposed, it's been
tossed out and replaced.

Tarra's Fun with Lamp Shades!

Guess who found a dusty, unstable shelf?
The office door is currently closed.

Polly scopes out the aquarium while
Terra jumps on top, of course.

I found three (!) of the rattly mice
Terra loves stored brand new
among unused cat toys.

Jezebel finds solace in this Cartman doll.
Who knew a cranky "South Park"
character could give a sweet old
kitty comfort? I brought it
out for Polly. She acted
lost upstairs at first.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Mousie = Food!


Playful Terra's favorite toy mouse must
be the oldest one in the house...
I stitched the tail back on
the other evening...

I watched our silly Terra Dactyl
tuck mousie into their
feeding station...

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Kitty Update - A Brief Pictorial


Jezebel is learning acceptance...

Our Fearless Terra

Polly, Our Little Lounger

The 'Dactyl' Sisters Wrestling

Terra's Five Toes

Polly showing off a virtual 'thumb'...

Sunday, January 3, 2021

A Holiday Surprise

Late on Saturday December 26th, I got the urge to check a local animal shelter for available cats. Lo and behold, I saw a picture of a little black kitty named Luna, the moniker I gave our precious stray who adopted me in 1999. It seemed like a sign to fill out the online adoption form. With my husband unaware, I noted this fact and lack of certain adoption plans. A positive comprehensive phone interview ensued, during which I asked if they had young siblings available. They did, and encouraged us to visit with cat carriers on hand.

Fast forward to Tuesday, the 29th. We went to the shelter. Unsure what to expect, my husband and I were led to visit a pair of three month old kittens named Luna (!) and Beauty. We fell in love with these dolls and brought them home that afternoon. Jezebel isn’t thrilled so far, but she’s behaving well as expected and adapting.

Above, the sleeker Luna is preparing to ambush her sister. On that note we have decided to change their names. Greeting another Luna messes with my head. And my little brother nicknamed his now ex-girlfriend Beauty, their breakup unpleasant. Ugh…

On a fun note, these darlings have extra toes, an interesting mutation made famous by enthusiast Ernest Hemmingway. Even cooler, our honeymoon spent on Key West included a visit to the author's home.

Look at those toes!

What do you think of the names Terra and Polly? Spellings aside, can you guess the inspiration? And how would you address a bold kitten as anything other than some fierce flying dinosaur?


Happy New Year!