Saturday, October 31, 2020

Trick or Treat

Since Gary Larson continued the Halloween theme with his website's Daily Dose, I couldn't resist. Sorry, Liz. :P And yes, Pam, I am always in the mood for this holiday. :)

But where's the candy?

Crossed with Fatal Attraction, in my opinion...


Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Other Side of the Tracks, Wisdom of the Ages, & a Change of Heart

Taking a walk today, I chose a different route and parked near a downtown railroad crossing. Heading south on the bike path confirmed that old lamentable stereotype ‘the other side of the tracks’. Each rundown residence rather depressing, I noticed the nearby senior center’s HVAC units surrounded by a heavily chained and padlocked fence topped with razor wire (!), no doubt to thwart scrap metal thievery. I’ll stick with the familiar northern path in future.

If I do return, it will be to help the wary cats teaming near one pitiful intersection. That area needs someone like dear Strayer intervening.

Our pampered Jezebel won life's lottery.
And she's blissfully clueless

In a striking moment of foolishness earlier, I struggled to open a powdered drink mix before realizing I still held a fork. The tines were pointed toward my eye. I had to chuckle and wonder if my wisdom stems from growing cynicism and a dark sense of humor rather than aging.

Either way, I’m happy to say both my eyes and eyeglass lenses remain intact.

Meanwhile October is coming to a close and, as Pam of The Whimsical Way kindly noted, for many years I’ve engaged in a month long writing challenge each November. The current state of our world decided me to skip this year. Then it dawned on me, a focus on writing prose is just what I need. I even started a new short story three times before stalling. Now these new characters will have a chance to tell their tale, which has a title but no actual plot.

Do you have any special November plans? Are you, unlike me, the type to organize before undertaking a new project?


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Busy, Stressful, but Ultimately Joyful

Well, I've been busy. On Saturday morning an unfamiliar cat sat atop our uppermost retaining wall. Even the most skittish felines I've met receive care from known neighbors, so out of curious concern I took canned food onto our back patio. The hungry critter devoured every bite and eventually followed me into our walkout basement.

Excuse me, I'm eating here...

By early afternoon it occurred to me that our veterinary clinic could scan for an identification chip. After all, that ended well for a little orange tabby who stole stole my heart a few years ago. ~sigh~ Anyway, the clinic was super kind in not charging me for a cursory exam including removal of a few ticks, age estimation, gender identification, the fact he is neutered, etc. Since the left eye had been surgically removed with great skill (and who knows when?), he was introduced around. Alas, nobody there recognized him and no chip found. Taken in by his sweet nature (like us), the staff suggested returning him there for re-homing if necessary.

First, I needed to try and locate an obviously loving family. Various pet finder websites and social media platforms led to a single dead end. One well meaning area lady suggested releasing him to find his home, which might have worked but we have coyotes around. Instead I put flyers around the neighborhood and reached out to clinics and the Humane Society.

Amazingly, while I began typing this post lamenting my stressful search and subsequent attempts to acclimate a (very tolerant) Jezebel to a possible new housemate, my phone rang. A man wanted to meet, having seen the one flyer I drove down the hill to post. As before, I went to the video monitored space outside our local police department and met him and his sweet wife. Success! A little girl will not cry herself to sleep tonight.

Isn't this the best thing you've read all day? What other sweet ending have you heard about lately?


Monday, October 12, 2020

Another Fine Kettle, Fall, Flowers, and a Funny Photo Fail

A so-called kettle of circling red-headed vultures are not experiencing hard times such as the comedic 'kettle of fish' tribulations suffered by the legendary Laurel and Hardy, but they are fun to see. The birds might migrate south or perhaps stay the winter, a cool surprise one year.

Like bubbles in a cauldron...

While we enjoy those flocks all throughout their stay, our many neighbors' maple tree leaves are season specific. Lucky us, only a few strays land in our yard each autumn.

Atop my rustic birdhouse...

Daylight hours are growing shorter and our plants are making the most of them. The deep purple aster came from one of two bought during my garden center visit.

I harvested more tomatoes, peppers, some
'pink fairy' baby's breath, as well as
cosmos along with the aster.

The altered shutter speed proved more interesting than expected. This cosmos flower almost looks angelic.

Ephemeral Beauty

Meanwhile, silly Jezebel left her tongue hanging out long enough for me to snap photos. And of course, I botched every one.

Unfocused, but at least recognizable.

Do you think our kitty was in the midst of grooming? Or was she perhaps deep in thought?


Monday, October 5, 2020

Fall Fun at the Garden Center

Browsing garden centers is one of my favorite relaxing activities, even if I leave wishing we had the space and money to bring home half the plants. A coupon gave me the excuse to shop and what a delightful surprise to find elaborate decorations around every corner and down every aisle.

Spongebob Squarepants (!) greeted me...

Upon checking out I praised their efforts and learned that one employee spent that very morning bringing over all her creations one by one. My timing could not have been better. Skeletons, witches, scarecrows, festive flower displays, and every type of ghoul and creepy crawler abounded. I don't want to overdo it, so here a few more of the most unique.

Cousin It among the perennials...

 With these next two, one was beautiful and the other downright creepy. I'm sure you can guess which is which.

The Lady of the Harvest

At least it's not the 'Headless Horseman'!

Are your local businesses and neighbors going all out as ours seem to be?