Saturday, May 7, 2022

A Stroll about the Garden

I hope you enjoy my short wandering around our suburban homestead. Labeling each would take my perfectionist self hours, so please let me know if you have any questions.

Have you heard about the ancient Japanese wabi sabi aesthetic? Just as Pam Jackson’s talent so often showcases, do you appreciate art that captures the beauty of impermanence?


Friday, May 6, 2022

More First World Problems

On April 24th my husband asked if I’d spilled water near the bed. Half awake and remembering no such thing, I dismissed his complaint. Maybe one of the cats tried to toss up a hairball. But later I noticed the wetness spreading.

Quiet panic ensued. Had my 29 gallon aquarium sprung a leak? Every millimeter felt dry including outside the tank, inside its stand, and the surrounding carpet. The mystery continued and my pile of wet towels grew, as did a funky smell I wished was imaginary.

Around midweek my husband asked me to drain the tank and move my last surviving spotfin goby to my idling ten gallon aquarium. Fearing the move would be fatal, I stated my case and requested a reprieve. He agreed while asking that I apply a piece of tape showing the current water level.

I’m lucky to have a smart guy. A minuscule water drop led me to the electric pump I’d unplugged without removing its attached air hose. This created a vacuum.

Duh… By the next Sunday I’d dried and cleaned the stinky stain. Hurray! I thank Nature’s Miracle enzymatic cleaning solution.

On another note, I’m having issues online. My own blog declares I can’t sign in after having posted. ~scratches head~ Not surprising, this is the same error I receive trying to comment on others’ posts. I’ve tried various tips and even switched browsers but I’ll figure it out. I’m not dumb.

Still, other failings made me feel rather frustrated and useless. I found redemption when a neighbor needed a friend.

Have fruitless days left you feeling pointless? How do you recover a sense of self worth?


Monday, May 2, 2022

Tenacious Terra – 7

I caught Terra sizing up my dragon this morning. She tried to look casually aside but I can image what she was thinking.
“That’s right, brimstone breath.
Stay safe in your pretty cage.”
Do you think I’ll have to break up a fight one of these days?


Friday, April 8, 2022

From ‘Preppie’ to ‘Prepper’

Way back in the early nineties, before office employees dreamed of working from home, I dressed like an absolute yuppie. Preppy better fits this post but it’s a bit of a joke. My cousin’s hand-me-downs were nothing popular students wore in the 1980’s. ~sigh~ Anyway, times sure have changed.

Because of inflation and possible food shortages beyond ongoing supply chain issues, fashion is the least of my concerns. I have added and/or changed numerous habits.

Dried coffee grounds & tea leaves will
benefit our vegetable garden.

An unused ice bucket holds what
I have thus far reaped...

Preserving tough meat in the
form of jerky is not new
but sure is tasty...

I will break this down into smaller
packages and vacuum seal each
with a moisture absorber.

Below is a tip unrelated to these uncertain times. I prefer my improvisation over the cheap plastic fruit juicing tools our grocer sells.

Are you stocking up on anything? And on a lighter note, do you miss fashions from any particular era?


Thursday, April 7, 2022

Tenacious Terra – 6

During an early warm spell, I took Terra out back. All I have to do is display her harness, ask if she wants to go outside, and she races toward our walk-out basement door. I don’t know if the word means anything or just the actions, but it’s adorable all the same.

Did you know that we Ohio animal lovers should not only pre-treat against fleas and ticks but also beware of coyotes? Can you believe neighbors have seen coyotes walking down the middle of our predawn streets like fearless gangsters?


Friday, April 1, 2022

Responses & A Big ‘Huh?’

I appreciate the kind words regarding my handling a centipede. I’m not certain that will ever reoccur. Heh… Meanwhile, Andrew kindly expressed concern for my garden. I am pleased to report that these carnivorous creatures eat many harmful insect species (including those that can transfer dangerous bacteria). And I often use the trick Liz A. described, covering spiders with a glass and sliding a stiff envelope between it and the floor or wall. It’s much easier than what dear Strayer endures trapping to help feral cats. Believe it or not, though, I actually let this little bug free inside.

On a very different and befuddling topic, my husband’s primary care physician is taking much deserved retirement this summer. It had been over thirty years (!), starting just after my husband’s honorable discharge from the United States Air Force and continuing when Dr. T. moved to a teaching clinic. When our health insurance provider forced me to switch yet again in 2019, one of Dr. T.’s residents actually took on my care.

He has since joined a practice much closer to our home. Having him take on my husband’s care seemed ideal, and both physicians agreed. Dr. T. went so far as to say this was a good choice.

However, things didn’t turn out as planned.

This health network, we were told, no longer accepts new patients insured by Molina Healthcare. Huh? I’m very glad my established patient status exempts me from exclusion yet upset for my husband’s sake. Both clinics are under the Kettering Health Network umbrella. So what’s the difference between which one he chooses?

Have you heard of a patient denied care for having the wrong insurance? Should I worry this is a warning sign Molina Healthcare was a bad choice?

Regarding Jezebel, I want to thank sweet Cleo and our lovely Eastside Cat friends for their research. To ease your concerns, I am happy to report her vet check-up last month was great, her head pressing activity is both gentle and rare, and she actually gained lost weight running around. Terra and Polly keep her on her toes. ~grin~ 

Back to silly stuff, those squeamish about bugs will want to skip this final note about centipedes.





Back in her feline youth, dear old Jezebel would sometimes catch centipedes in her mouth, tossing them in the air and actually disarticulating the unfortunates. It was quite a sight, and also disgusting as removed legs kept twitching. ~shudder~ So far, Terra and Polly stick to chasing ladybugs.

“I did what, you say?”
“You remember, Jezzy… Right?”

“Bleh! You have me mistaken for another cat.”


Thursday, March 31, 2022

A Moment of Zen with Jezebel


Do you have any idea why she keeps rubbing the top of her head against me? Is it perhaps a tic of old age?


Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Conquering a Lifetime Fear

I know it’s spring when the first centipede appears on my shower stall ceiling. After decades of fearful disgust and countless harmless interactions, I began jokingly referring to them as my ‘power animal’. They are fierce and beneficial hunters. Plus a large jungle species provides some monkey clans a venomous insecticide with pleasant side effects.

Telling myself this was a super fast and cool caterpillar, I picked up the shy creature inching down the wall. The old saying stands true that she/he (on the small side, granted) feared me more.

But I’m proud of myself and call this a victory. I did wash my hands after releasing it, not knowing where all those feet have tread.

Have you heard of so-called power animals? What’s your choice?


Friday, March 18, 2022

Have it Your Way

While I drove us around completing errands today, my husband requested we patronize a nearby Burger King drive-thru. I agreed, though my doctor would doubtless not approve, and added my own requests including an iced coffee. As it happens, filling out a survey gets you a free* Whopper sandwich. So I did.

(* ‘free’ of course = purchasing a regularly priced drink and side item)

My positive review rewarded the staff’s excellent service and quality food. But remember when I mentioned ordering an iced coffee? The following question popped up along with my eyebrows.

Do you think this was a joke assuring reviewers are awake and aware? Should I have replied ‘yes’ or ‘no’ instead of ‘N/A’?


Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Eerie & Amusing

This morning I began catching up on blogs, having somehow fallen behind yet again. When I viewed Pam’s latest post here I chuckled and remarked with a simple ‘lol’. But the second image didn’t all fit on my computer screen at once. Scrolling down gave a fleeting glimpse of that bottom frame where something odd stood out. I went back to take a second look.

What first impressed me as a man peeking up from below turned out to be her socked foot (!) that then registered right away. Very cute socks, by the way. ~grin~ Anyhow, the soldier I ‘saw’ wearing a garrison cap was cartoonish, at best, and likely not evident to every viewer. Yet something still niggled at me. I got up to check a wartime portrait hanging nearby.

It is sad that this handsome, serene
visage hides WWII trauma
he never discussed.
I never had the pleasure of meeting my husband’s father. He passed away in 1981, I’m sorry to say, a full eight years before I met his son.

Can you see his wife’s high school photo reflected over his left shoulder? Isn’t it wonderful that we have these vintage portraits?


Monday, March 14, 2022

Polly’s Follies – 8

I occasionally utilize one particular cat tree perch as a standing desk. I kept an eye on Terra lounging by my feet the other day. Then Polly surprised us all, running across the room and launching herself toward me. I hollered and she slipped. One of her many toes left a claw sheath behind while taking my O key along for the ride.

As it happens, I have experience reinserting laptop keys and Miss Polly 'Anna' didn’t break any components. She remains renowned for the destruction while unaware of my less flattering nicknames.
At least she cannot leap like this cat...
Do you see the ball up there?
This kitty reached it.
Can you suggest a better moniker than the lame ‘laptop breaker’? Or should I just resort to Polly Dactyl, following her sister Terra’s more menacing nomenclature?


Sunday, March 13, 2022

Replies to Some More Appreciated Comments

Pradeep Nair shared a sad fact that his gymnasium’s overly loud sound system makes him steer clear. Blessedly, none of my YMCA establishments blast music. In fact, my ears strained a bit identifying what the radio station aired this morning. Enjoy your park, my friend!

Sandee gave a kind warning about a dock crow accustomed to handouts turning vicious if she and her husband didn’t provide. Yikes! Well, I haven’t seen any since my little feeding attempt. ~sigh~ If things do progress, I’ll be careful and hope our breed of corvid are more shy/polite.

Bathwater, Cleo, Eastside Cats, J E Oneil, Pam, and Liz A. (in alphabetical order; sorry if I missed anyone) all provided well wishes regarding dog poop next to my mailbox. Thank you! Some neighbors let their dogs roam and do as they please, but these folks are all decent and good relations make tolerating the minor annoyance worthwhile.

Did I miss any folks requiring thanks? Are you ready for more kitty shenanigans?
Jezebel wants the shenanigans to stop,
but at least she still has her friend...

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Time for Some Changes

Chief Inspector Terra on the job...

I made up my mind that the tiny new flower bed deserves some pansies. The few required didn’t cost much and their little ‘faces’ would have delighted my dear departed mother, too. I didn’t just breeze in and leave. This garden center’s annual twenty-five percent off spring sale inspired me to browse. And, well, after much consideration I bought a tree.

Deputy Inspector Polly
Lends a Hand Nose

It doesn’t look like much now but this ‘Rhode Island Red’ dwarf Japanese maple will replace a weeping crabapple that has outgrown the space and turned rather ugly. I’m somewhat sad as Luna moved in about the time I planted it. ~sigh~ At least the memories of her lounging in the shade remain vivid.

My Crabapple Tree a Decade Ago...
I must dig up an older w/ Luna...

Well aware that my selections don’t offer a lot to local wildlife, I don’t feel guilty. The main perennial bed contains all sorts of critter friendly plants. Meanwhile, temperatures have plummeted. So my tiny tree sits outside close to sun warmed brick and the pansies are huddled in the garage.

The Old Crabapple Well
Past its Prime...

Should I let my old tree stand for another season of flowers and crabapples? Do you think the shelter and shade will benefit the maple while it gets established?


Thursday, March 10, 2022

Making Friends, Not Excuses

On Monday I decided it was time I go back to the gym and lift weights. Then… well… on Tuesday I didn’t feel like it.

I actually thought, word for word, I know I’ll feel better if I go, but…

Unable to complete this thought any other way than ‘not feeling like it’ underscored the absurdity. And triumphing over my lethargy both then and this morning indeed feels great.

Even better, on the way home today I saw a crow standing in the middle of a quiet street. My husband and I find these intelligent creatures fascinating. Numerous times he has mentioned wishing to befriend one.
On another note, our red-headed
vultures are back in force!

Well, I just happened to have an open packet of peanuts on hand. So I pulled over and tossed a few out the window. A few blocks from there three of them perched high up in a tree. I scattered several more.

Since these birds are adept at both facial recognition and establishing routines, there’s a chance they will connect me with reward if I do this regularly. As a bonus they will even pass this information along!

Outside my home, too many nearby neighbors walk their dogs or let them roam. ~sigh~ But perhaps I can someday lure crows onto our back deck.

Do you think to yourself in complete sentences? Would you befriend a crow?


Sunday, March 6, 2022

Good Questions & More About My New Flower Bed

Thanks to all who responded so kindly regarding yesterday’s post. Our sweet blogger from Eastside Cats wondered what is centered in my new flower bed. It’s our mailbox.
I topped off the soil level last night...
I’m not planning on telling a single neighbor that I installed this partly because somebody’s dog keeps leaving poop next to the post. ~sigh~ I hope this deters that behavior.

Liz A. is another dear who wisely asked how long the project took in actuality. Sad to say, I got so immersed in it that I’m not quite sure. I want to say it took around three hours.

The fun part will be picking out plants. I seldom buy annuals because they are so pricey for lasting only a season. But I may make an exception with this because this limited space would be fun to change out.

Should I start with some cold tolerant pansies? Then perhaps mimic an expensive summertime planter sold at a local garden center? Ooh... What about mums in the fall?

This is starting to sound pricey. Hmmm… We shall see...


Sunday, February 27, 2022

Confused Again

Just when I have some little thing figured out, the rules have changed. Skin care products are an excellent example. I learned many years ago that most scented items use alcohol to disperse their fragrance.

Though a drying agent is the last thing I want to rub into my skin, I continued using cheap moisturizers until chlorinated pools caused dry cuticles and painful little hangnails. An unscented body lotion solved that. I decided to go the same route with shaving gel.

All was fine until I changed brands without reading the fine print. It’s alcohol free, all right, but has a strong fragrance. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t use enough to cover my legs. Oh, well. It fades fast.

More recently, I made the opposite mistake while trying to go cheaper on my lotion. This product is unscented but does contain alcohol. I am utterly baffled.

Anyway, here are some true money saving tips, particularly for the ladies:

First, you may know that items marketed toward males are cheaper than women’s equivalents. This includes shaving gel, as you may have guessed. I end up smelling like my high school shop teacher. ~rolls eyes~ And of course multiple cans were more… you guessed it, cost effective.

My high quality body lotion is not cheap. However, buying direct via this Griffin Remedy link helps. And, while not a paid sponsor, I’ll tell you that this San Francisco based company offers several 25% off (!) holiday promotions as well as for those buyers providing a new email address. Also, purchases over $39 (USD) ship free – though only within the continental United States. An industrial sized gallon lasts me the better part of a year.

Does an excessive amount of cologne or perfume almost make you gag? Would you suggest/request that an unavoidable person use less?


Thursday, February 17, 2022

An Adorable Devil & Dedicated Angels

First off, thanks to everyone who offered supportive comments and suggestions. Based on devilish kitty Polly’s proclivities plus the numerous cords in our home I purchased a twenty-five foot length of cover material from Amazon. A bit different from what the kind folks at Brian’s Home showed me, it doesn’t require burning cut ends against fraying.

I’ll get into why that’s a good thing (and my supposed angels) later…

Of the black and white color choices I opted for the first. I don’t know why, but Polly seems attracted to pale items, both cables and furniture. I improvised further protection using surgical tape. We humans haven’t needed it for ages (fingers crossed that doesn’t change), the stuff is easy to tear into strips, and it should provide an unpleasant sort of sticky/gummy chewing sensation.
My silly scribbles and sticker make connecting super easy.
Of course the perpetrator appears in the frame.
I hope this succeeds. The mythical creatures known as my guardian angels have enough work. Starting in my teenage years I’ve half jokingly referred to them because helping me survive unscathed so many freaky little events must take a team effort. I’d rather forgotten until recent events, like my wrong turn almost causing a potentially nasty car accident.

Regarding my feckless self and fire, not long ago I started a kitchen flame-up (!) by turning on the wrong stovetop burner. It turns out flammable materials, oily residue, and heat are a bad mix. ~rolls eyes~ Good thing I had a pair of tongs handy. My husband sat in front of the TV just a few feet away and still knows nothing of this particular little adventure.

And here’s a favorite example of mine. During the nineties I often swam at a nearby lake. On a weekday off work I had the place to myself. Great, I thought, and began swimming laps along the beach. Unbeknownst to me a gentle wind blew me steadily away from shore. Nearing the middle of the lake I finally recognized my danger. The inhospitable eastern shore gave me no choice but to fight the current. So I’d swim straight west hard as I could, then rest a while and begin again. After an exhausting hour I finally crawled onto the sand.

One memorable 1980’s era incident involved a ‘helpful’ truck driver when my crappy used car broke down. He turned out to be an amorous fellow and pinned me against my open car door demanding a kiss. My mind raced as I played coy fending him off. There were no passing cars and I feared angering him would lead to being bundled into the burly man’s cab.

For some inexplicable reason he just backed away. He hadn’t even landed a kiss, let alone groped me. I was so relieved that to this day I don’t recall exactly what happened after that. I think he called in a tow truck and went on his way.

Do I really believe in angels? I’m honestly not sure. What about you? Any thoughts on these supernatural beings or ‘fun’ near death experience(s) to share?


Saturday, February 12, 2022

Polly’s Follies – 7

This first bit is not at all amusing. I’d thought her through the cord chewing phase. Apparently not, despite the fact she is rarely left unsupervised and gets plenty of playtime.

Her chewing exposed wires!

It took me a while to figure out why my cell phone wasn’t charging. We’re lucky she didn’t electrocute herself and/or burn the house down. My ringing phone has been knocked to the floor numerous times. Perhaps it’s a theme.

On a cute note, I discovered what garnered her excited attention outside our bedroom window. She found a bit of clinging vine waving from the north facing brick wall.

Can you believe citrus doesn’t deter Terra and Polly from jumping on my kitchen counters? Do you have any recommendations?


Friday, February 11, 2022

What does the future hodl?

The title looks like I made an error. But bear with me and you might even see where this is going…

You see, I developed a serious craving for shrimp egg fu young a few days ago. So after running an errand yesterday I stopped at a small place recommended on Yelp because, sad to say, my normal go-to place had closed. Fingers crossed the proprietors decided to retire but it seems unlikely these days. ~sigh~ On a happy note, this restaurant served an even tastier version of the Chinese omelet. I am not normally a fan of any gravy but theirs was delicious and my meal received a second light drizzle. The funny part came within my crunchy little dessert.

Our US history behind the fortune cookie isn’t all good. You can read about it here.

Isn’t it odd I received a query rather than a fortune telling? Have you eaten these vanilla flavored crunchy cookies? And if so, do you like them?


Sunday, January 30, 2022

Oops – I’ve Been Remiss

My husband played a distracting video as I typed yesterday’s post. So I blame him for my minor failure. ~grin~ Anyway, this January’s little adventure at the US Post Office should never have occurred in the first place. As usual, we were home all day when the supposed delivery attempt occurred.


This is nothing new, either. In the 2000’s I purchased a lot of overseas items via eBay. Several required a signature but the doorbell never rang once. I know this because my husband worked from home. Many times I wasted precious lunch hour minutes picking them up. Adding to the frustration, my complaint fell on deaf ears. At least none of those items disappeared.

Oh, well. It’s another minor irritant in a crazy world. But in an amusing twist, the same lady who couldn’t locate my package was the same who gave a blank stare upon hearing my gripe about our neighborhood USPS driver.

Moving on, I also intended to pose a serious question. Asking if any of my dear readers sent a package was not what I originally intended. Heh… It regards the quick receipt of my medicines.

Is it a reasonable supposition that postal services prioritize large scale shippers? Should I just keep my head down and be grateful?


Saturday, January 29, 2022

Customer Dis-Service

Early this month I found a slip in our mailbox announcing a postage due package needing picked up. The sender’s name was illegible. And seeing only our surname listed left us further clueless.

At the designated office a single clerk took several minutes handling another lady’s transaction. But with nothing pressing I stood uncomplaining. When my turn came this sole employee took my notice and disappeared into the back.

Meanwhile, two other individuals arrived. Before long they began murmured discussion over growing dissatisfaction. One said she had been waiting two weeks for a package from California and couldn’t even get an estimated delivery date. I commiserated, sharing similar experiences.

The other became anxious as she had left her dog locked in the car. She thought her business would take a mere minute or so. Hearing that the poor creature had just returned from a post-surgical vet visit prompted my awkward apology.

At last the postal worker returned – empty-handed and apologetic. She couldn’t find my package anywhere. I got the sense she intended to continue searching and urged her to take care of those behind me. So she wrote my name and phone number on a slip of paper in case it turned up.

I never heard from her again and my online attempts to request redelivery proved pointless. The system didn’t even recognize its own (!) barcode number. ~sigh~ Mere days before this my physician convinced me to use the moneysaving mail-order pharmacy service. As you can imagine, I doubted the wisdom of this decision.

Lo and behold, my medications arrived within a few days. What a surprising relief.

Have you encountered similar frustrations with your postal service? Is there any chance any of you dear readers sent me something?


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Near Miss & Navigational Miscommunication

On the way to our Jungle Jim’s International grocery store this morning I took a different route. The decided detour seemed easy enough; head westward until I reached Ohio State Route 4 southbound. I enjoyed the change of scenery and things went fine until my dear husband felt the need to pull up the navigation via his ‘smart’ phone.

As I reached the expected Rt. 4 bypass the voice told me to head north. That made no sense. But I followed this direction at his encouragement and the system promptly told me to head south. ~sigh~ With no room to take the turn I chose what seemed a safer route. Wrong.

We encountered a traffic light with left turn arrows for two lanes. Since there was no sign proclaiming a U-turn illegal my husband again urged this maneuver. To our dismay, traffic flowing eastward from our left also received the go ahead. I didn’t understand the danger until realizing this crazy intersection directed them not to a simple right hand turn but directly into our path in some weird high speed sort of roundabout. I stayed dedicated to my U-turn, didn’t slow down, and thus calmly avoided collision.

Don’t you wish for vehicular communication besides the horn, such as an apology signal? Is it wrong I (sort of) wanted to strangle my husband?


Saturday, January 15, 2022

An Eerie Revelation

Sorting through a box of things my father sent, I discovered a photo of my beloved maternal grandparents. A close inspection shocked me. Purchased off eBay probably fifteen years ago, my vintage eyeglass frames could have been the very ones Grandma wore during my childhood.

A Lovely Lady

I just wanted something different and thought this design looked interesting.

These came with trifocals.
She must have felt the same. I cannot tell if she wore bifocal lenses or trifocals.

Though you may not see it in her portrait,
the contrasting finishes look identical.

Isn’t that wild? Has this sort of thing happened to you?


Monday, January 10, 2022

Uprooted - One Carrot's Tale of Woe

I recall my youth like it was yesterday. Surrounded by family and friends, I felt that carefree summer would last forever.

It all ended so abruptly. That final day further stands out as one of the hottest any of us had experienced. A light breeze teased my hair as I half dozed under the golden sun.

The air stilled. Even the insects fell silent. Hearing a distant rumble, my sister and I shared a nervous glance. The earth began to quake. All hell broke loose.

Swirling soil blinded me. An unbearable roar drowned out her cries as our world was torn apart. I lost consciousness.

Rough jostling would occasionally awaken me. That same dizzying commotion always dragged me back under.

My senses returned. I lay among strangers. Immobile, we couldn’t communicate. The unnatural sky offered no warmth. Somehow worse, we had all been shorn of our feathery locks.

When the endless sensation of motion finally ended we found ourselves part of a twisted menagerie. Darkness fell for impossible lengths of time. Unpredictable blinding flashes interrupted our restless slumber.

My familiar comrades began disappearing, most by twos and threes. Now they are gone and I no longer recognize any of my fellow captives.

Orange skinned people arrive and leave just as fast. Some are so young it breaks my heart yet again, especially when they have retained their glorious green mane. I guess that’s my vestigial vanity talking. Regardless, none recognize me. Who can blame them?

I wouldn’t recognize my dear sister if she looked like I do today. Age has left me shriveled, with strange wart-like protrusions further marring my complexion. I imagine soon I’ll be no bigger than a seedling.

Shuffled to the bottom of our enclosure, at least I can hide from the light and get some proper rest. Maybe I’ll even dream.

To sleep, perchance to dream…


Friday, January 7, 2022

Less Than Success...

Yesterday’s untrained foray into cutting my own hair has turned out, well… as Andrew considered the notion, ‘interesting’. My husband hasn’t said one word. I don’t think he’s noticed. He apparently has this stylized image of me that overlays reality. May be weird; it suits me just fine. Liz, I could indeed go to a salon but there seems no point since I have an avatar within the home we don’t often leave.

How I wish I still looked...

Ellen, you are wise to not use pinking sheers for this as Pam would no doubt tell you considering her more successful hairdo upkeep (I cannot imagine using anything more advanced than scissors on my hair). So while I thank you for the support, Katy Isabella, your kind sentiment should be awarded to Pam. At least the new look is passable. Heh…

My other minor failure was much more fun. I put one of Terra’s toy mice in an empty tissue box yesterday and she entertained us both with gleeful energy. Of course, by the time I thought of filming her antics she’d lost interest.

Can you believe my science minded husband can be helpful if I ask for wardrobe advice? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could project our self image to the real world?


Thursday, January 6, 2022

In the Pink

After not getting a professional cut and color upon my hair since 2020 began, I find myself having fun with pinking sheers. Today I couldn’t stop toying with overlong locks and decided to have another go.

Have you heard the term ‘in the pink’? And are you familiar with pinking sheers?


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

A Happy Face & Dire Straits

I placed the last of our fresh fruit on a paper plate after finding a moldy mandarin orange among the rest. Without a thought I looked down and saw this:

Another day, I discovered a very sad vegetable left behind in the refrigerator. The little guy deserves a story but so far I haven’t moved forward on that.

Have you ever found a bit of desiccated produce in your kitchen? Did you know sweet potatoes can ferment if left to rot?