Sunday, October 2, 2022

Two Pot Post

It’s another beautiful day, so I’m sitting outdoors as I type and found this beautiful katydid when I stepped inside our garage. My video skills are lacking but I hope you enjoy this more than the creature not wishing to pose.

 As for pots, one involves an ‘inspirational’ message I drew on our bathroom mirror. It’s a not so subtle reminder to not linger in the bathroom or lounge in the bedroom, regardless of kitties present, and get on with a more constructive day. My husband was amused.

I’m sure you can guess the word above…

The second pertains to food. I’m a huge fan of Korean style food, dol sot bibimbop being a favorite dish. Since our favorite restaurant closed and no other establishment I’ve found prepares the dish as well, I discovered that it can be made at home. I thank my husband for buying some Korean ingredients online. Gochujang is a sweet/savory/spicy fermented soybean/chili paste.

Sorry this is blurry.
The mung bean sprouts and
other savory/meaty/vegetable elements
were awesome, especially for my first try!


Do you like bean sprouts? If so, do you enjoy them on salads?



  1. I know what that word is. It's a very true quote too. When I was working one of my favorite saying was lead, follow or get out of the way.

    I love Korean food. I love bean spouts. Yummy.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Hugs. ♥

  2. That drawing is funny. :) I still haven't gotten my spouter out yet. I do like alfalfa sprouts in salad and sandwiches. I like bean sprouts in chop suey. :) XO

  3. The Hubby grows his own bean sprouts, although he hasn't made any recently. What he has been making regularly is sauerkraut, which I LOVE. A sauerkraut, tahini and black olive sandwich is DA BOMB.

  4. I have not eaten bean sprouts but I did have broccoli sprouts the other day and I love sunflower sprouts. Love the message on the mirror. Too funny. We have korean food in Calif but its not a big thing here in TN.

    1. We're so fortunate to have lots of different ethnic restaurants and markets. Blessings, my dear!

  5. What a fun post--thank you. Clearly, Koren food causes interesting and colorful poo. I have often eating sprouts, which are nutritious, and can be used to make great bread.


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