Saturday, May 7, 2022

A Stroll about the Garden

I hope you enjoy my short wandering around our suburban homestead. Labeling each would take my perfectionist self hours, so please let me know if you have any questions.

Have you heard about the ancient Japanese wabi sabi aesthetic? Just as Pam Jackson’s talent so often showcases, do you appreciate art that captures the beauty of impermanence?


Friday, May 6, 2022

More First World Problems

On April 24th my husband asked if I’d spilled water near the bed. Half awake and remembering no such thing, I dismissed his complaint. Maybe one of the cats tried to toss up a hairball. But later I noticed the wetness spreading.

Quiet panic ensued. Had my 29 gallon aquarium sprung a leak? Every millimeter felt dry including outside the tank, inside its stand, and the surrounding carpet. The mystery continued and my pile of wet towels grew, as did a funky smell I wished was imaginary.

Around midweek my husband asked me to drain the tank and move my last surviving spotfin goby to my idling ten gallon aquarium. Fearing the move would be fatal, I stated my case and requested a reprieve. He agreed while asking that I apply a piece of tape showing the current water level.

I’m lucky to have a smart guy. A minuscule water drop led me to the electric pump I’d unplugged without removing its attached air hose. This created a vacuum.

Duh… By the next Sunday I’d dried and cleaned the stinky stain. Hurray! I thank Nature’s Miracle enzymatic cleaning solution.

On another note, I’m having issues online. My own blog declares I can’t sign in after having posted. ~scratches head~ Not surprising, this is the same error I receive trying to comment on others’ posts. I’ve tried various tips and even switched browsers but I’ll figure it out. I’m not dumb.

Still, other failings made me feel rather frustrated and useless. I found redemption when a neighbor needed a friend.

Have fruitless days left you feeling pointless? How do you recover a sense of self worth?


Monday, May 2, 2022

Tenacious Terra – 7

I caught Terra sizing up my dragon this morning. She tried to look casually aside but I can image what she was thinking.
“That’s right, brimstone breath.
Stay safe in your pretty cage.”
Do you think I’ll have to break up a fight one of these days?