Saturday, June 25, 2022

Gardening Fun

Sprouting years old cucumber seeds in a damp paper towel, I’m super thrilled seeing the plants thrive. Fans of our pickles are excited. Check out the size of these leaves and blooms.


It's a jungle under here!

For the first time, I’m growing cantaloupes after a fellow garden center shopper shared his enthusiasm. These two plants are also covered with blooms. Watching two little fruits grow bigger every day makes me smile.

Look at this cutie...

Can you see the melon in this image?
I lifted the former off our retaining wall.

Do you enjoy cantaloupe? Is it wrong I keep fondling my melons?



  1. Pickles are the bestest thing on Earth!

  2. Differing veggies, but I know that thrill and glad feeling and pride in them growing. Good on you. They are beautiful! Good show!

  3. Fondling your melons, hahahaha. I can't seem to grow a thing here.

  4. I've never thought about where cantaloupe's grow, that is the climate they like. May your melons keep swelling until lush and juicy.

  5. We really enjoy cucumbers and cantaloupe too, yum!

  6. Everything looks great. I am sure they enjoy the attention. :) XO

  7. I used to love cantaloupe. I haven't had it in a while.

    1. Wish I could share (should they ripen successfully). :D

  8. HAHA....I think fondling your melons is a tad much!!! But your vines and fruit are looking great. Yes I love cantaloupe.

  9. From Toffee the cat: Please teach my old woman how to garden. She only has to look at a plant for it to curl up and die. Your plants look wonderful. Hers look like they've been in a 10-year drought.

  10. Look at your garden grow! We sure could use some heat, but after last year's heat dome, I am NOT complaining about the rain and cool. Wishing you a very happy 4th of July! We hope you you have a marvelous day filled with laughter, love, and fun! Purrs Marv

  11. I love cantaloupe but I LOVE watermelon more! Those plants look great. Green thumb I see.


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