Friday, February 5, 2021

Oops! I Missed the Mark...

Yesterday's post title originally mentioned comparing our kittens to human kids. In a rush to join my husband for dinner I managed to publish without making that silly point.

~shakes head~

At any rate, I've decided that Terra Cotta would be a child sent to either a performing arts or trade school. Her latest investigation involved pawing at valves beneath our sink. She also adores performing with near insane acrobatics.

Terra Trying on Her Walking Harness
Potential Therapy Cat?

For Polly Esther, meanwhile, I would prefer home schooling. With all her extra toes and more shy demeanor, I imagine she would be bullied otherwise. So, that was the random goofiness I forgot to include.

Polly Being Pretty; When She's Not
Tagging Along Behind Terra

Can you believe they are sisters? Do you think having different fathers is a factor?



  1. Siblings can be very, very different. So, I don't think having different fathers is as big a factor as it might seem.

  2. No matter what they are cute, cute, cute!

  3. Yes, I believe they are sisters with different fathers. My sister and I have different fathers and we are very different. :)
    I always say my Rosie is going to be a string theorist because she loves to chase the white string on tv. :)

    1. Growing up with all brothers, having a sister at all is difficult for me to imagine. Heh... And I like your 'theory'! lol

  4. They are indeed our kids. Our Angel Little Bit was our baby. She's been gone over five years and we miss her every single day.

    Have a fabulous weekend. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  5. When I got Lily I was totally surprised to learn that a litter could have more then one dad. When I look at a litter of kittens it makes me wonder how many dads are in that litter!! lol..You have one sis, short haired and one long. Sweet babes. When I got Lily, she had two brothers, orange. And a sister that was more of a pewter blue color. Lily appeared to get the mix of those colors with mom being a tortie. Love the names.

  6. I know the story of what happened. A Suitor that their sainted Momma had been engaged to, went off to fight with the Feline Foreign Legion. He was not tp be heard from again; whereupon he was marked as having been "Lost" in the deep desert. Their Momma had mourned deeply for several days- when the calling card of a Gentleman of the Clowder was presented to her by her Human servant. A whirlwind courtship of several minutes ensued with the arrival of Polly and Terra to love, and to brighten the life of their momma---always in memory of their dear Fathers.

  7. Us cats CAN have different dads. Jo jo's Mom was a purebred Siamese. Jo Jo was the only one in the litter who had a tabby daddy, the breeder was a little surprised! Terra Cotta and Polly Ester are both beautiful kids! May you and yours today be filled with fun!

    1. That's quite a story when a breeder gets surprised. lol Thank you for the sweet words. Be well!


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