Sunday, May 26, 2024

Three's Company

Upon returning from the grocery store this afternoon I was pleased to see Terra about a foot away from Dandelion on our bed. Several minutes later, Polly had joined her sister for a mutual grooming session. This development made us very happy.

Before I got up, Dani had settled on my side. We have the sweetest cats. And I can say the same about the three who lived here before passing away.

I like having my smart phone handy...

I took the next image a while back. This little unicorn tent sits on the guest bed. If Terra had a bushy tail like Polly’s I might assume there is just one cat in there.

I once feared the tent too small for a cat;
Obviously, I was wrong...

Can you see the second pair of kitty ears in the tent? Isn’t it funny that I sort of ‘photo bombed’ both of my own images?


  1. Dearest Darla,
    Oh, kitties no doubt are the sweetest companions.
    Our three sweet kitties are at my feet and beside me on the bed—protecting their Mami.
    Such a tent or either a box is so loved by kitties and yes, they FIT.
    Mariette + Kitties

  2. No, I can't tell there are two cats in the tent. It's easier when you really know the cats.

  3. They are so darn cute and very happy too!

  4. Once I made the photo bigger I could see the extra ears. :) Glad they all get along. XO

  5. Your cats must feel so relaxed at home and anxious about nothing.

  6. Oh I finally saw the second pair of ears!

  7. My fingers seem to get into too many of my cat photos...

    1. That's funny. But I would have never guessed by the quality images you share.

  8. wavez two ewe all N heerz hopin de week a head iz filled with grilled:
    salmon, trout, shrimpz, bloo gil, perch, cod….N cat grazz 😺‼️💚💙🐟💖

    1. Yum... Well, except for grilled cat grass. lol Be well!


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