Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Review of "After Terra: Year 200" by Daniel Coldspring

Sometimes taking a chance for our heart’s desire brings us more than we bargained for. Matthew Garrison is about to learn that in the most unexpected ways.

“After Terra: Year 200” is a wild adventure across the reaches of space. But it’s also much, much more. Unlike so many of today’s movies in which characterization takes a back seat to phony CGI nonsense, Daniel Coldspring’s story focuses on character.

And this book has characters aplenty. I’d introduce you, but I think it’s best you meet them for yourself. When you do, say ‘hello’ to Matthew, Jessie, and the gang for me. Now I need to go buy the sequel.

You can get your copy here at Amazon in either e-book format or paperback. I hope that you do and tell me what you think.

Great Synopsis in Mr. Coldspring's Own Words
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  1. Sounds interesting. It's great when you want to run out and get the sequel right away.

  2. My hubby likes sci-fi, I think he would like this.

  3. Started reading a local author before Christmas and I am having a hard time getting into it. I have put several books aside the last couple of months cause they are not getting my attention. Not sure at this point if its the books or me.

    1. I've been having that problem, too. I've gone back to books bought ten years ago several times of late. This one was a nice surprise.

  4. This sure looks like an interesting story.


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