Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Follow-Up on Arepas & Co

Anyone kind enough to read has the lovely Pam Jackson to thank for this. ~grin~ I appreciate your interest, my dear. As for my experience at this little strip mall place, it’s mixed at best. Our few ‘hole in the wall’ mom and pop diners are often a treat, and this miniature Arepas & Co. chain ended up falling well below that mark.

Their limited menu didn’t surprise me. The availability did. They were out of both beef and bottled water, two prevalent options we requested. I will say the staff (of one guy) was very friendly. He served tepid tapwater in Styrofoam cups after a fruitless back room search for the bottled stuff we purchased.

Thank heaven he only suggested pork or chicken for the meat options. I would have left otherwise.

Many minutes later as we awaited our order, his coworker acted just as kind, asking if my partner wanted cojita cheese sprinkles. Then the arepas were served ‘open face’.

“I hope you don’t mind,” the portly fellow said, presenting sloppy messes.

I asked about flatware, after which my partner fetched another flimsy set after the clueless guy presented one plastic knife and fork. Then I dug in, famished after foolishly starving myself all day.

The shredded pork and chicken proved abundant, as were the paired red and black beans. The creamy cilantro sauce on the pork was tasty, like my partner’s mild garlic sauce, though the flavors could have been more plentiful.

My stomach hated the experience later. And I didn’t get to taste their fried plantains, which I’ve cherished elsewhere. Maybe that’s just as well.

Can you believe I stomached a bowl of my chili later? Should I give them another try, perhaps at the original location?



  1. Thanks for the shout out there...haha...sounds like that place did not turn out to be a good experience. Sorry to hear that. As for trying again....that is always a flip of the coin, and depends on my mood or how bad the first visit was. I am usually bad about going to a place the first week they open and I am usually not happy about that choice. I have tried to change that and stop going until they have been open for a while.

    1. You're welcome! We think alike, my dear. Since I never peaked around in those little strip malls before, too busy trying not to get in an accident at that busy intersection, I thought the place might have been open for a while but now believe it is very new. In fact, I might suggest trying the first downtown location instead if we go for another taste. That one opened about five years ago.

  2. Nah, it sounds like the place is a bust. Especially if it didn't agree with you later. Sorry. I hope your next venture out is amazing.

    1. My tummy got over full, I'm sorry to say. That never goes well these days. ~oops~ Thanks for the kind word!


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