Thursday, February 22, 2018

Knowing Your Strengths

There is a skill to photographing food, making the plate look appetizing. I lack it.

That admission aside, I want to share the first course of my simple lunch yesterday, vegetables in lemon caper sauce. That may seem like overkill before a sandwich of deviled ham, but I can explain.

You see, SO plated the remaining leftover sauced salmon, finished heating that last serving as I strode toward the kitchen. We passed through the entryway, at which point I noticed the casserole dish with some vegetables inside still sitting on the counter.

“I guess I’m supposed to put that away,” I said, tone acerbic.

“What? It’s just some carrots.”

Looking closer, I replied, “And water chestnuts.”


“In lemon caper sauce,” I answered, thereby winning the argument.

Well, I took a minute and found some tiny broccoli florets plus two sugar snap peas buried beneath capers and the cold, hardened butter sauce. Yum. And I hate wasting food.

Taste Those Vitamins and Minerals
Did you eat your vegetables today?



  1. If "today" is Wednesday, no. I ate a banana for my healthy food of the day. It was a hectic day. If "today" is Thursday, it isn't "today" for me yet, so I still have a chance! Your leftovers look great, but for the capers. I eat so many more vegetables in summer.

    1. Sorry for a hectic day! I didn't think about the wording of that question in regards to the time it posted. ~blush~ Silly me. I bet you grow all your veggies, don't you? I should check out what you've got going on your blog, maybe check the awesome archives. Be well!

  2. I don't have a knack of photographing anything well. Me and a camera spells disaster. I do eat all my veggies though. I love veggies.

    Have a fabulous day, Darla. ♥

    1. Ah, I bet you're being too hard on yourself. ~hugs~ Glad to know you like your vegetables. Good for you!

  3. Does the SO not clean up after himself?

    1. Short answer: no. Long answer: his mother used to say that you could always tell when he'd been in the room. ~grin~ At least I had warning.


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