Thursday, December 30, 2021

Observations by Jezebel the Wise

Napping is a feline duty, not solely a delight. I take it very seriously. Two others I’ll call out by name, Terra and Polly, are mere posers.
This is how you do it...

Just today I lay on the couch trying to catch some beauty sleep when a terrible raucous arose from the basement. My mom hollered and laughed, laundry room doors opening and closing until Dad finally dragged himself away from his computer. A few words were exchanged before he snagged the treat container. Yawning and stretching, I followed along.
Another classic pose I've perfected...

Luna, Tilly, and I were never locked out of any room because we had enough sense to stay out of trouble. Wisely, the folks don’t trust these hooligans around various household chemicals stored down there. But Terra snuck inside when Mom tried to haul out her laundry basket, Polly followed, and hilarity ensued.

~rolls eyes~

You see, our cellar is about two-thirds carpeted. The rest serves as Dad’s hobby room, the aforementioned laundry space, and general storage. For whatever reason, walled partitions were never installed despite the area having a whopping three complete doorways. It seems the disastrous duo sent Mom trotting from one entrance to another while they led her on the proverbial wild goose chase.

Can you explain why anyone would chase a nasty old goose, tame or otherwise? Don’t you think all birds are best out of a can?



  1. Napping and doing it right. There's never a dull moment at your house is there? I didn't think so.

    Have a purrfect day and a very Happy New Year. My best to your mom. ♥

  2. Poor Jezebel. Fancy having your nap disturbed by such goings on.

  3. Aw, let the kittens have their fun ;)

    (Have you heard the tale of Jean and Jorts?)

  4. Such little stinkers. I bet they enjoyed their adventure. XO

    1. Yup. ~hugs~ And I don't think Jezebel really minded one bit.

  5. We have to keep our Peeps in shape during the winter you know. It seems like a terrific plan to us!

  6. Hmm, and here I thought I was the nap master! You got them poses down pat, Miss Jez! I'm thinking that if we ever heard a raucous ruckus like that coming from our basement mom and dad would likely think it was zombies. Happy New Year my furry friends!

  7. You girls would have loved knowing and running with Robin, a tiny 6 1/2 pound Tortie who was in charge of everything here, including all 5 residents. Now...she knew how to hide, lead a chase and conquer you. You only got hold of her when she wished to be caught/held.

  8. Ahhh youth ! They must learn by experience !

  9. Sounds pretty entertaining to us and that was a cute video...I hope you got your ear itch taken care of!


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