Saturday, January 11, 2020

Lady in Waiting – & – Sled Dogs in Ohio (?!)

Yesterday I buckled down, backing up all valuable data from my laptop to an external hard drive. So-called ‘cloud’ storage may be available and free; it’s not for this gal, not after witnessing inadequate bandwidth lock a frustrated writer out of his own story.

And our home connection, while speedy, does drop sometimes. If I’m writing in blissful unawareness, my husband’s howled frustration informs me. Internet addicted, anyone?

~shakes head~

Anyway, I expected my machine outfitted with Windows 10 today. My clever guy has the ability to make this latest operating system look and even behave like Windows 7 (!), which he utilizes glitch free. I was ready.


He forgot this morning and would rather wait until tomorrow. No big deal. Believe me, though, he will find this laptop ready and waiting on his desk come dawn.


Meanwhile, Thursday afternoon I walked along the Great Miami River bike path. Long before reaching the lot I heard unexpected barking, whining, and howling. Yikes! Curiosity trumped my initial wariness.

Besides, I wanted to head home.

An unobstructed view showed not some fierce pack of wild animals. Excited dogs surrounded an unusual looking trailer. I debated if they might be shelter animals treated to an outing. The older gentleman unfolding an oversized tricycle told a different story.

Contraption in hand, he greeted me passing by, “Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” I replied, “and beautiful dogs.”

“Thank you.”

He invited my approach, welcoming me to photograph and pet them. I, however, feared intruding upon two busy younger fellows doling out water buckets.

A welcoming grin answered my shout requesting permission. He also said something reassuring, most of which the pack’s enthusiasm drowned out.

As promised, the tethered canines acted more than sociable. They danced, tails wagging, sniffing and licking my hands. I regret not having more photos to share. All eight beautiful huskies deserved individual attention.

Sorry it's blurry. ~sigh~ I wanted to show their reaction to my approach.
For that matter, I should have stuck around to watch them exercise. Odds are slim to none we’ll meet again and I couldn’t find a website for the kennel. I'd hoped to find the pups' names because I barely heard my swift introduction.

They are sooo excited to run!
Oh, well.

One of the Darkmoon Siberian Huskies imitating the logo.
Outside of televised shows, have you ever seen a portable rolling kennel? Would you have stayed, sacrificing an hour or two to witness this spectacle live?



  1. I probably would have stayed. We love pups and hubby would have wanted to see them in the glory.

    Hope you computer works as you wish.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Darla. Big hug. ♥

    1. Thank you! I wish I'd been patient and bold enough to stay as onlooker. My shyness sort of won out. Heh...

  2. I'm with 'cloud' stuff for my photos!
    At least you witnessed the beginnings of a training exercise; that's pretty cool.

  3. That was a cool sight to see. Thank you for the kind words you left for me on the passing of Prancie. XO

  4. Very interesting. Too bad you couldn't get more information.

    1. Yeah. I'd hoped to find a website since conversing was near impossible. ~sigh~ Thanks for visiting!

  5. Yes, putting stuff in the cloud and working out of the cloud, makes sense only if one has good and reliable internet connection. Otherwise, like you have rightly done, it's better to work out of a good portable hard drive.

    That's an amazing sight!

  6. How cool was that for something to just come upon?

  7. I tried looking them up in several different ways on the internet and could not find anything.

    1. Thank you for trying! That's very cool. Be well, my dear.


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