Monday, January 20, 2020

A Good Day, January 20, 2020

Today I went for an overdue medical checkup, postponed due to unexpected medical bills and outright superstition over 2019’s trials and tribulations. Glory be, no changes were found on the cyst discovered last May in my left breast.

The doctor wants me to return in six months for an ultrasound just to be safe. My fingers are crossed, both regarding results and insurance coverage. We shall see.

Besides that good news, I spent far less time at the hospital evaluation center than expected, a nice surprise. To rectify my lack of exercise for the day I decided to walk around a local park before returning home.

After hiking unexplored trails until my feet grew sore, I sat down on a bench overseeing a duck pond. After about ten minutes I heard another vehicle approaching. The animals grew excited, honking and quacking, which I attributed to duress.

Was I ever wrong.

The car pulled over close by and the various birds ran, sometimes slipping on the water’s icier surfaces. To my amused fascination the mallards and white geese recognized a woman who distributes corn during the winter months.

I regret not having my Canon camera or iPod touch on hand for photographs. Just watching these creatures laze in the sun, drifting and dozing on the water, made me wish I could return as a suburban wild duck. The free feed would be a bonus.

If reborn and allowed the choice, what form would you take in the next life? Would you prefer to become a pampered house, wild animal, or have human sentience? And how lucky was my timing to see this once a week event?



  1. There is a feral cat colony that's hidden off a street that I often travel, and someday I hope to see the caretakers, so I can thank them for their work, and offer a donation. But, I also know that they prefer to stay incognito...

  2. What a lovely thing for her to do to help them through the winter.

    Good news on the exam. I'm been there and had a biopsy and it turned out to be nothing. What a relief.

    Have a fabulous day, Darla. Big hug, my friend. ♥

  3. But they're stuck outside during the colder months. Don't you like going home to your warm house? But that's the lesson--always bring your camera ;)

  4. So true on all counts. I left my iPod touch behind so as not to be late. ~sigh~ Which reminds me, I need to test out how it reacts with my Windows 10 install. Be well!


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