Monday, March 20, 2017

We Have an Eaglet

This is likely the first time I have posted twice in one day. The news from Hanover, Pennsylvania’s live eagle cam warranted it.

Check this out:

Daddy Eagle Warming His Firstborn
You can see the live feed here:

How’s that for a Zen moment?



  1. I love to follow the cams that are showing the eagles this time of year. Course I love nature and the critters in the wild and knowing that the bird of our nation is reproducing is a great feeling. Pride I guess. Thanks for sharing. Also thanks for the comment on my photo of the day.

    1. I adore animals, too. Right before I found your delightful comment I watched a red-headed vulture soar past my window. ~grin~ Your photographs are awesome, just like all your creative endeavors. Be well!

  2. Cool! I love this!
    Are you doing A-Z this year? I just did my reveal.

    1. Thanks! I am doing the April Challenge. Since I did an unprecedented second post today in honor of the eagles I decided to post my reveal tomorrow (hint: it's music - again - probably a cheat). I'll have to check your blog!


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