Monday, March 6, 2017

The Flu Shot, Part Two: The Workout

As mentioned in my last post I received a flu shot the other day. I was on my way home from an intense workout and not exactly steady on my feet. Apologizing for my shaky appearance, I learned it can be beneficial.

“Your blood is really pumping,” chirped the needle wielding pharmacist. “The vaccine will coarse through you that much faster.”

Okay. I guess that sounds good.

That was around one o’clock in the afternoon. Fast forward to evening.

It started with a sneezing fit that surely cost me some gray matter. Then a headache formed (not too bad. Thanks, Korski vodka).

Now I’m lying in bed somewhere between three or four AM (you know, when all good health crises hit). I wake up freezing, shaking so hard I can hardly get out of bed. But I stagger through the house gathering two aspirin, another bottle of water, and a heavy blanket.

The layered shivers emanating from about mid back were so intense I thought my skin had to be glowing with kinetic energy. Finally, though, I slept – until five am. At that point I’m sweating, my right nostril streaming. With a tissue stuffed up my nose, I ditch the blanket and try for more sleep.

At six o’clock I gave up. Besides a hungry clown loach snapping her jaws for morning fish food and a hypo-thyroid suffering cat to pill, I needed yet another bottle of water.

Lesson learned. If you decide to get a flu vaccination, do NOT pump iron first.

Or do you think it was coincidence?



  1. I have no idea. I would think you'd want to be at rest when you get the flu shot, but I don't know how these things work. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh, good grief. I am glad that is behind you, though! Take care. HUGS.

    1. The warm wishes mean a lot. I am glad, too, that this has past. Be well!

  3. Well, I never pumped iron before my flu shot and I never did like that....maybe next time, don't do it. Hope you feel better.

    1. I think you have the right idea, Pam. Thanks for the kind word!


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