Monday, March 20, 2017

Phrases I Hate

I’m sort of a harmless, garden variety rebel. Hyphenated catchphrases make my skin crawl. It still pains me to even type ‘stay-cation’ and ‘man cave’.

Now there is ‘drop the mic’, apparently coined for some diva or other (male or female) who hit the high note and flounced off the stage. I really don’t care where it started.

But the other day I coined my own axiom when something so clever flowed onto the page (in my journal, no less), that I threw down my pen.

Drop the pen!

That’s for all those writers out there who amaze themselves with their own cleverness. Of course this is probably the only place I will share the phrase since I’m a solitary writer living in a state of semi-hermitage.

Are there any pop culture expressions you either love or hate? Tell me in the comments.



  1. I completely understand. Those are annoying.

    1. I adore your mind, my dear. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I quite like 'shut the front door' when someone tells me something really interesting. My pet hate though is hearing hosts on live shows saying 'Make some noise for....' when they ask for applause. Also 'Give it up for...' Yuc!

    1. Oh, I like that response. I'm going to share that one. I love the way your mind works, Keith! Be well. And Happy Writing!


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