Thursday, April 9, 2015

H is for Hedonism - Pursuing Pleasure

I like food. Unfortunately, I like it way more than is healthy.

My travel itineraries always include good restaurants. When I visit a friend and learn there are no plans for dinner, anxiety hovers until the situation is rectified. Fortunately (or maybe not), my partner responds to food the same way. We have enjoyed many a fine meal together.

 Although hedonism does not rule my life, the other day I heard something that defies imagination. On a recent “Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda” episode Lietenant Kenda admitted that he would rather not eat at all if he could avoid taking the time. Now I may have felt that way on numerous occasions; this guy takes it to the extreme.

When he absolutely must satisfy his hunger, he will go to the nearest fast food restaurant and order the number one combo meal. He said they all have one, which is a fact I blissfully did not know. This man, who has not even looked at the menu, will then proceed to devour whatever he pulls out of the paper bag.

That made me somehow sad. Meanwhile, Andrew Zimmern’s program “Bizarre Foods” makes me hungry.

What are you having for dinner?



  1. When I feel hunger, I get angry. It's part of the anorexia, but it wasn't until relatively recently that I realized that other people aren't like that. That they can enjoy eating. It's funny, because I can *write* about food very well. But it's a cerebral enjoyment. The physical enjoyment is much harder to achieve.

    I skipped dinner, because I went out for a meetup. I should probably have some protein, but I'm in the middle of writing and don't want to stop. Hmm. I'd better go rectify that. (I'm using your word because I love it; thanks for having such a fun and crunchy vocabulary!)

    1. You definitely write about food well. I can attest. ~hugs~ I hope you get to a place where you enjoy eating, maybe just not as much as me. ~rolls eyes~ Too bad Chicago's Russian Tea Room isn't just down the street from me. Ah, memories, of both food and friends.

      I love that you called my vocabulary crunchy! That made me smile. Thank you.


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