Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Drabbles - Exercises in Writing

A few years ago I discovered fanfiction and eventually became addicted to writing it. That increased tenfold upon my involvement in a writing style known as drabbles.

These are not long involved tales. Drabbles are actually one hundred word vignettes. This particular fanfiction website (Pomme de Sang) offers monthly challenges for which writers must submit themed drabbles. The theme might be anything. Trying to infuse the topic into the mini ficlets, whether vaguely or verbatim, only fueled my fervor.

I have gotten away from them yet still recall how much I enjoyed their writing. Some of my drabble threads ran to dozens of chapters. One series contained nothing but dialog without tags. They all taught me precision and made writing fun.

Drabbles aren’t for everyone. Some readers cannot engage in these super short stories while not every author cares to practice the peculiar discipline. I found the precise exercise quite empowering.

Perhaps I should try my hand at drabbles in May. The rambling rush of writing fifty thousand words in November’s National Novel Writing Month resulted in excessive verbosity and I’m finding much the same with the current Camp NaNo.

Whether I drabble now or work on my NaNo WIP, it’s time I get to it. What will you write today?



  1. Maybe we can do a drabble theme on Writer's Retreat and invite folks to come play too? I agree, drabbles are a great tool and a way to learn precision. I think you've hit the nail right on the head. :)

  2. I find verbosity soothing, especially when we don't control/edit ourselves when we write, Darla! Love Drabble! I remember how excited I was when I first found 55 fiction! Takes real talent to engage a reader in a few words.

    :) I was too chicken to participate in Camp NaNo. I did spew out a lot more than 50K words during NaNoWriMo. Sigh. :) Editing it is going to be a real job!

  3. A drabble theme would be fun, Catherine. I like it. You always inspire me.

    Vidya, don't feel chicken. It sounds like you did wonderful in November! Best wishes on the edits. Don't be like me and utterly fail to get around to editing. ~blush~ I have a slew of unpolished manuscripts because the initial writing is certainly the more fun task.

  4. Dribbles eh? A new word for me, thanks. Happy A to Z! I'll come by again. :-)


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