Monday, March 15, 2021

Reign of Terra – & – Luna Pong Resurrected

From her first day in our home, our new kitten Luna (now Terra Dactyl) led the charge. She is her sister Polly’s clear leader and bane to geriatric Jezebel. On a blessed side note, we must laud Jezebel’s tolerant patience and hope she’ll lean toward fondness.

~fingers crossed~

Meanwhile, the one and only original Luna, rest her precious soul, acted the regal queen – most of the time. On silly occasions my husband and I took turns calling her across the kitchen floor. She head-butted our fingers for each score of the game we called ‘Luna Pong’. The number of consecutive boomps grew quite impressive.

We even determined rules of a sort. While we worked together as a team, the game ended when the ball went out of play, such as Luna wandering off to the water bowl. Anytime our sweet goofball Tilly intervened we aptly termed it interference, likewise halting our antics.

As it happens, friendly Terra is a serious competitor. The playing field is now our mattress rather than the traditional kitchen floor, but she gamely trots between my husband standing beside the bed and wherever I’m seated.

Oh, and I overturned a kitchen chair to make the center island less tempting. When she turned it into her personal playground and never jumped up on any counter, I let it be.

Are you aware I had no clue baby Luna and Beauty were even sisters, let alone who the shelter folks hoped we’d adopt? Do you believe a higher power directed me to see Luna on the Gen City Catfé website late that fateful December night?



  1. Awww, so precious. They bring such joy and I can hear the joy in this post.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Darla. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  2. Awww, what a sweet kitten, sounds like things have gotten lively at your home!

  3. They are so fun and surely most entertaining, love that kitten energy and the video too!

  4. She's feeding her chick right now. Most adorable little furball. ♥

  5. We think it's even possible that Luna I and Luna II directed you together.

  6. Cute video. They were definitely meant to be yours. I did not realize you didn't know they were sisters. XO

  7. Kittens - It is impossible to keep a straight face when faced with kittens! Kitten pong sounds like great fun. And those 2 were destined to be together!

    1. We feel blessed to have these two little sisters in our home. Luna's passing in 2014 and then Tilly in 2019 left things a bit too quiet. Dear old Jezebel has perked up, too. I caught her playing yesterday. :)

  8. OH, the girls made my morning sweet just by reading about them and seeing them. And knowing you play Luna Pong. I love that interactive game. I used to have a good interactive game with my Admiral, a Tortie, but haven't gotten one that Katie fancies yet. What a joy to read of your Luna.

  9. That's bizarre, the way you got them, as sisters.


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