Thursday, May 2, 2019

Don’t Kiss and Tell – & – Getting a Leg Up

My pets are going to be the death of me. Between diseased fish dying earlier this year and now issues with both cats, I feel almost like I’m going to keel over at times from the stress.

While medication is helping my anxiety, I believe my empathy cost me a real and very specific physical illness.

A few weeks back, before Tilly displayed evidence of another urinary tract infection, I succumbed to violent gastro-intestinal distress in the middle of the night. My husband offered more than once to take me to an urgent care center as food poisoning symptoms continued throughout the day and into late afternoon. I declined, certain hydration and rest would get me through, and they did.

It took a few days for full recovery from the aftereffects.

Then Tilly got diagnosed with her e. coli infection. Something clicked over this past Tuesday and I recalled my habit of kissing her atop the head after administering her hyperthyroid pills. Since my husband stayed free from my sickness, thank heaven, and we ate almost the exact same home prepared meals for days prior, it seems logical I poisoned myself via that poor kitty.

So I’m not kissing her anymore. A pat on the head is quite sufficient.

Now to the second part of my whacky title, I found Jezebel limping this morning at 7am.

Jezebel Curled Up Napping on a Happier Day
Have I mentioned her periodic little front leg tremors? She’s almost always looking out the window and we chalk it up to excitement. Today, frantic she’s having neurological complications I’ve neglected, I telephoned my veterinary clinic before they opened in hopes some early arriving tech would pick up the phone.

Instead, I got a recorded message that the wireless customer did not have current service and to try back later. Well, I did, over and over. Finally, I got through and they will see her at 8:45am tomorrow, the earliest available appointment. They weren’t having the best day, either, with both Internet connection and telephone operations requiring service.

In the meantime, I feel better seeing Jezzy act normal in every way outside favoring the leg/paw. Otherwise I would take her to an animal urgent care center. Despite what I dare call mishandling of Tilly’s case, those folks have given our girls excellent care throughout sweet Luna’s life and beyond.

Jezebel could have hurt herself jumping off one of the tall cat trees during the night or, as my husband additionally suggested, suffer arthritis that became too painful to support her weight. Curled up in bed feeling sick and miserable myself (prior to contacting the clinic), I was joined by her for a typical quiet snuggle.

After I got up and felt better having scheduled her exam, she displayed a healthy appetite and is now curled under the guest bed covers, another of many favorite lounging areas.

Do you think that theory regarding my stomach bug makes sense?



  1. Yes your stomach bug makes sense. It could be the culprit. I hope both kitties get better and you can quit worrying. I'm just like you, a worry wart.

    Have a stress free day. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  2. If it was e.coli, shouldn't you have yourself checked out? It sounds like a likely culprit.

    1. Thanks for the kind suggestion. I have a doctor appointment next Tuesday and could mention it. The issue has cleared up, though, and I believe I'm good to go. Be well!

  3. You could have gotten sick the way you think or maybe picked up a bug when you were out last. No way of really knowing at this point but I guess I should stop kissing the critters! haha....not going to happen. Although, Lily seems to appear like she wishes I would stop! Several yrs ago I ended up with e-coli in the kidney and ended up in the hospital for five days. research I learned that I could have picked that up from the pool at the gym. I had also just had a kidney stone removed so I could have gotten it that way cause two days later I was in the ER. That scared me but I did not have it of the gut and I was not expressing my discomfort in the way you would be, I felt like someone stuck a heated over a fire sword up in me and was twisting it around...... :)

  4. Hope, everything goes well with kitties and you...
    Have a wonderful spring

  5. I think your theory is correct. I will be praying all goes well with Jezzy. XO

  6. I wish I could send you relaxation through the internet. Your kitties will get dings and bangs just like people, in day to day life, jumping, moving, etc. And as they age. You can't stop that. Most things work out on their own. She had e coli? How in the world did she get that? Some strains are species specific, some not. Glad you are over whatever you had. When I had e coli once, I bled horribly you know where. It was quite evident, in other words, what I had.

    1. Thank you, that's so sweet. I appreciate the wise words. Your infection sounds horrible! I can't say for sure what mine was. It was great luck I recovered pretty fast.


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