Monday, June 25, 2018

A Review of “Murder at the Marina” by Ellen Jacobson

Let me just start by saying once again that blogger Ellen Jacobson is a hoot. Her posts on The Cynical Sailor and His Salty Sidekick make me laugh out loud on a regular basis.

When I learned she offered ARCs her new cozy mystery, I jumped at the chance and volunteered to review and promote her book. I don’t regret the decision.

Mollie McGhie could almost be Ms. Jacobson from all I’ve read, though thank heaven without having found a murder victim on her and her husband’s boat. In fact, I hope Mr. Jacobson is a model for Scooter McGhie.

Mollie’s husband dotes on his amateur sleuth of a wife with tenderness and patience, while the local constabulary is less than impressed. In short, the story contains everything one would hope for in a cozy mystery.

And more.

I found myself invested in the wellbeing of this wide cast of (often eccentric) characters, one of them four footed. At the very least, I wanted to restock everyone’s chocolate supply (or kitty kibble, as the case may be). ~grin~ So if you’re ready for a light, fun read, especially for the beach, pick up a hard or digital copy of “Murder at the Marina”.


Murder at the Marina is the first in the new lighthearted and humorous Mollie McGhie Sailing Mystery series.

A dilapidated sailboat for your anniversary—not very romantic. A dead body on board—even worse.

Mollie McGhie is hoping for diamonds for her tenth wedding anniversary. Instead, her husband presents her with a dilapidated sailboat. Just one problem—she doesn’t know anything about boats, nor does she want to.

When Mollie discovers someone murdered on board, she hopes it will convince her husband that owning a boat is a bad idea. Unfortunately, he’s more determined than ever to fix the boat up and set out to sea.

Mollie finds herself drawn into the tight-knit community living at Palm Tree Marina in Coconut Cove, a small town on the Florida coast. She uncovers a crime ring dealing in stolen marine equipment, investigates an alien abduction, eats way too many chocolate bars, adopts a cat, and learns far more about sailing than she ever wanted to.

Can Mollie discover who the murderer is before her nosiness gets her killed?


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Ellen Jacobson writes mystery and scifi/fantasy stories. She is the author of the “Mollie McGhie Sailing Mystery” series. She lives on a sailboat with her husband, exploring the world from the water. When she isn't working on boat projects or seeking out deserted islands, she blogs about their adventures at The Cynical Sailor.

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing Murder at the Marina! You're such a sweetheart!

  2. That does look like a fun read.

    1. I'm glad you think so! It was.

    2. Thanks Liz, if you pick up a copy I hope you enjoy it :-)

  3. Great review, it sounds good.

  4. Thanks for the review. Like I said, I love a good murder story.


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