Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Come Frolic in the Electric Forest

Here in the United States I’ve attended many music concerts over the years. One local campground used to feature an all day festival that rocked my summers. I’m still sorry that era came to an end.

Recently I learned about an eight day event called Electric Forest held at the Double J Ranch in Michigan. I’ve wanted to attend ever since.

Unfortunately the area saw five inches of rain before last weekend’s opening. Still folks flooded in (pun intended) for a fun, crazy time. The difference between this and the average music festival is that so much of the venue has woods versus open fields.

Life and family duties prevented my wish coming true, at least for this year, so I’ve been haunting websites for cool images. Take a look at some of the psychedelic night views.

Welcome to the Forest

I Presume This is a Stop Motion Image


And Music, of Course
Daytime looks fun, too. At least I can imagine being there.

You Can Try to Get Close or Listen from Wooded Seclusion

Attendees Get Creative

Meet New Friends & Even Marry the One You Brought ...

... Like This Cute Couple Should Do


  1. Looks like fun for those into that sort of thing. I'm lucky for things like Coachella to be pretty close by. And there was something just this weekend. (Arroyo something or other.)

  2. That looks like fun. I can't believe I have never heard of it.

    1. I know! It's in the seventh year, too. Wish we could go together! Bet we'd have fun.

  3. Looks fabulous, wish you could have gone!

  4. Not much on concerts, when I was younger it was a bit different. We have Bonnaroo here in my area. Never been, never will. To many nuts out, to hot and my body will not allow it.

    1. I hope you enjoyed some good times in the past! Be well, my dear.


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